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Whether you have lived in your home for 2 minutes or 20 years we can assist you with your interior design needs. dion seminara architecture is a leading Brisbane interior design company, providing bespoke design services that not only boast visual appeal but feel great to live in. We specialise in work that suits our clients’ needs and aspirations, with a proven design process that eliminates any confusion and focusses on your goals. We offer design interiors for renovation projects, new modern homes, and multi-residential buildings.

If you’re not looking for truly custom bespoke interior design, we also offer set makeover package services for people who prefer to do it themselves or are planning to sell.

Our process begins with a pre-design consultation with you to understand your style, your needs, and aspirations. We are dedicated to ensuring your design perfectly reflects you and your lifestyle. The next steps involve concepts, selections, detailed drawings. We then review installation/building needs and work with you as a team to ensure the process flows smoothly from start to finish and all changes are to Queensland’s building code.

If you would like to find out more information and how we can help you with your home, please contact our studio using the link below, or alternatively look at our bespoke design services or makeover packages.

Create your dream home

Designing for Lifestyle and Practicality

Redefining the kitchen layout, connecting to the living and dining area or rear deck may be the practical solutions you need to stay in your home and feel excited about your living space. Perhaps you’re planning for a family or making a change in how you’re going to be living. A spacious bedroom redesign with walk-in robe and tailored ensuite might be your priority. For many, the primary wet areas of the home require better storage solutions and upgrades to the fixtures and fittings, enhancing the functionality and form in bathrooms and the laundry.

Maximise your home’s value

Are you looking to sell your home but want to maximise your sale potential? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to add greater value to your home and want to get the most from your interior. A great way to add more to your home is with an interior design renovation with the help of our architectural interior designers in Brisbane.

Practical solutions

Our beautiful interior home designs can create the ideal internal design and will consider indoor/outdoor flow, active and passive zones, mood and ambience variation, harmony with colour and lighting options, and innovative storage solutions.

Realise the potential

Want to see some more examples of what we can do for you? We can work with you to design a family home that’s suited to housing an older family member or friend living with you, or we can work to ensure that the exterior spaces are incorporated with the interior design.

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Our Interior Designer Services


We design kitchens to be the best solution for all of your cooking, entertaining and dining needs. Each of our kitchen designs are tailored to our clients so that it reflects their style and fits their lifestyle perfectly.

Samples of our work

Interior Design

Our Interior Design Services

Living Rooms

How we live in our homes has changed drastically from 30 years ago. Therefore, we always ensure that your living room will fit you and your lifestyle perfectly, but also consider what will be needed when you sell the home in the future.

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Interior Design

Our Interior Design Services


Where and how we dine is different for everyone. Whether it’s a formal dinner, casual night at home or party, we all choose how we eat at these times differently. We recognise this, and so we tailor our designs to suit exactly how you choose to dine.

Samples of our work

Interior Design

Our Interior Design Services

Built-In Interior Features

Interior features are what defines our spaces, showcases our style and demonstrates our lifestyle. We ensure the built-in interior features in your home will be a reflection of you and your lifestyle with completely custom interior design.

Interior Styles


Scandinavian (or Scandi) is a popular style in Australia today due to its warm, cosy, relaxed and casual feel. Qualities of the Scandi style are white walls and timber floorboards with uncluttered surfaces- really light and airy, with careful placement of smart designer touches.

The essence of the Scandinavian style is creating a sense of warmth within the home and treasuring the simple things in life.

Interior Styles


Minimalist interiors involve sleek, uncluttered, clean- lined and simplistic qualities that is all about stripping back to the basics. Basic geometric forms together with a simple material palette and introduced elements of natural and feature lighting help create a sense of order and represent high quality.

Interior Styles

Mid Century Modern

The Mid Century Modern is a streamlined, retro look influenced by minimalism, organic shapes, dashes of colour and timber features. Popular in the 1960’s this is a style that has never gone out of fashion.

Mostly because the era’s use of natural materials, seamless connection between the interior and exterior, organic forms and functionality in design are completely compatible in most homes.

Interior Styles


The Industrial style is a contemporary and edgy version of an urban style- think concrete floors, exposed timber beams, steel and metal and unfinished surfaces. The Industrial style lends itself to large, open plan and spacious interiors.

A very neutral colour base (whites, blacks, greys and cements) is best for industrial inspired interiors with colour added in the form of accents like timber, brickwork, artwork, textiles and tapware.

Interior Styles


A classic Hamptons style embraces a fresh, airy and earthy palette with a mix of timber and natural textures. Hugely popular in Australia for it’s timeless, coastal feel that compliments Australia’s housing architecture beautifully.

The Hamptons style is derived from the luxury seaside community in upstate New York, elements such as wide timber floorboards, a white, beige and blue colour palette, timber trims and moulding features to ceilings and walls and plantation shutters are all reminiscent of this style.

Interior Design solutions
Interior Styles

French Provincial

A classic and timeless style – The French Provincial is defined by statement timber floors, a washed out colour palette, rustic textures and refined details. This style isn’t about being ‘on trend’ and that’s one of the reasons it is so popular today. French Provincial can work in new and heritage homes, it can work in a city and is also perfect for resembling a farmhouse/ cottage look.

Interior Styles


A Contemporary home interior is ever changing but generally means that it is a style that is trendy and ‘in’ at the moment. You can usually see hints of elements seen in other design styles in a contemporary home- whether it be Scandi, Industrial, Minimalist.

At the moment, the contemporary style is clean- lined, fresh, warm timbers with black and white feature pops with ornate decoration and curves avoided.

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Pairing practical interior design solutions with quality architecture

We ensure all of our designs follow key principles so that you are left with a space that is both practical and stylish to enjoy for many years to come.


Intuitive design

Creating harmonious and functional living environments is our passion. As specialist Brisbane interior designer architects, our creativity can enhance the internal mood of your home and reinvigorate your space. Beautifying the interior areas, customising these to your distinct style and creating aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces; our interior designer architects enhance your lifestyle through intuitive design.


Space and style

We can help you find more space in your home, or incorporate our interior designer services along with a renovation or extension of your home. We offer honest and straightforward advice, and our team will collaborate with you to create an interior style unique to your home and your personal taste.


Practical lifestyle solutions

We spend the time to ensure a comfortable and livable space by including practical solutions for your lifestyle. We find out what is important to you and your family during our design process. And then we design and plan to create breathtaking designs that provide the additional luxury, space and storage in places where you need it most.


Interior Design that Grows With Your Family

The interior of your home is filled with potential. Places for relaxation, study, work and recreation are just waiting to be discovered.

Dreams become reality

Imagine being able to enjoy open-plan living with secluded private sanctuaries in the one space. An interior designer can provide the change your family needs. Whatever your dream, let us help you make it a reality. At dion seminara interior design, we have over thirty years’ experience designing the interior and exterior of Brisbane homes. We understand that the interior design of your home is just as important as the exterior, and take a great deal of pride in working with our clients on both.

Thoughtful design

Your home is your haven. It’s a space where you and your family can reconnect after a busy day to share a meal, celebrate a special occasion, and relax. The spaces within your home need to be thoughtfully designed so that when you are at home, you want for nothing, and you are exactly where you want to be.


Our team are skilled in using textures, colours, light, shape and levels to get the most from your home and spaces. If you’re low on storage space, we can incorporate design techniques from around the world, drawing on the sleek minimalism of Japanese and Danish design to ensure that your home is clutter-free. Or if you prefer a more traditional style of architecture, we are well-versed in various design techniques from across the globe. The only limit is your imagination.

Interiors designed for lifestyle

Our goal is to maximise the use of your internal space so that you can get the most from your home every day.

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