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The raw beauty of an industrial-style home is unquestionable. The raw, exposed materials make the space edgy yet inviting. Taking its inspiration from warehouse lofts and thus giving the style its name, industrial style is for those looking to make a statement with their home’s interiors about who they are and how they live.

The industrial style incorporates exposed materials like brick walls and steel beams, and utilising concrete, timber and metals. Professionally designed, well-thought-out industrial interiors are what give the style its beauty. While industrial styling can appear simple, getting the raw materials and dark colour schemes to work in Australia requires some professional assistance.

At dion seminara, we work with your available spaces to give you the industrial-styled home you’ve dreamed of. We will highlight the property’s history and give you an industrial-styled home that reflects you and how you live. So, if you want custom interior design, contact us today and let us help you realise your interior dreams.



A modern interior design can be characterised by a feeling of simplicity and functionality. Modern design began is the 20th century and approaches space in a more logical, functional way rather than unnecessary cluttering. Modern interior design styling is perfect for large and small spaces as it generates an illusion of space with its clean, crisp lines.

If there is one word that is commonly used to describe interiors in the modern style it’s ‘sleek’. By using metals and glass, modern styling highlights the clean lines and cohesion of the design. Generally a quite minimalist design style, modern is a great way to showcase your lifestyle within your home.

If you’re thinking of designing your interiors in the modern way, contact us to get a professional custom design that truly reflects you and your lifestyle.


Hamptons / Coastal

If there’s one interior design style that you’ve likely heard of recently it’s the Hamptons style. Currently having a moment in interior design, Hamptons has exploded onto the Australian home design scene with Hamptons homes and Hamptons interiors. Hamptons is a coastal style that originated from the East Coast beaches in the United States. In Australia we have taken our coastal style and incorporated the Hamptons elements to make our own Hamptons-inspired interior design style.

With a light and airy feel, Hamptons/Coastal is the perfect interior design style for sub-tropical homes and homes near the coast. Hamptons style has introduced an elegance to the relaxed Coastal style, and pushed the seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors. With neutral base colour schemes, pops of nautical (blues, reds, yellows); weathered wood, crisp linen and comfortable furniture it’s no wonder Australians love the style.

If you desire a bright, lofty interior with a relaxed but elegant feel then Hamptons/Coastal could be for you. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your dream interior home design.



Traditional is a timeless interior design style that is commonly seen in character homes. A traditional interior design is designed around sophistication, with a classic European style and ornate architectural details. This style is classic, as the name suggests, so it’s important that elegant but comfortable furnishings are chosen to match the deep wood tones and antique features.

If you’re thinking of going for the traditional interior design style it’s important that you get professional help. A professional will ensure you don’t have a mismatch of antique elements, and that symmetry and flow are incorporated throughout. Contact us today to get an experienced eye on your design ideas and to give you some direction.



It’s common to get contemporary and modern design confused in Interior Design, so it’s important to remember that contemporary design is more fluid than modern. Contemporary styling is designed for the present day, so the current trends and popular elements are incorporated. There are fewer adherences to one particular style in contemporary interior design, which is what makes it a fluid style.

Professional Interior Designers are especially needed for contemporary design to ensure that all the current design elements that are popular now will not age and will remain timeless. If you’re interested in getting your interiors redesigned in Contemporary design, contact us for experienced advice and custom design.

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