Creating Great Spaces

Great Spaces

Some homes are nice, others are stunning, and those that are stunning always feature one or more great spaces within the home.

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Creating Great Spaces

Beautiful homes more often than not feature a series of beautiful spaces inside and outside the home. And it’s creating great spaces within your home that is the key to designing new homes or renovations.

Whenever someone talks about a home they have seen that they have fallen in love with you can almost guarantee they have fallen in love with a room or an outdoor area, or one particular space within that home that they felt was memorable. There could be a number of reasons why it was memorable. Perhaps it was something visual, a feature that was striking or unique, or perhaps it was a feeling of being completely comfortable.

No matter what the reason the very best homes have one or more truly great spaces that people remember for all the right reasons.


Individual Interests

Great spaces are not only about entertaining and drawing in a crowd. As we’ve mentioned sometimes the very opposite makes a great space. A quiet area where you feel safe and free from the pressures of the world, comfortably alone with time to yourself can be every bit as appealing. It might be an area within a room or a space in a courtyard or garden. The type of area varies from person to person and depends very much on their own individual interests and tastes, but what is consistent across all great spaces is a great design.

If you are interested in creating great spaces within your home you should contact dion seminara architecture today. We have the skills and experience to create memorable spaces that will set your home apart from the rest.


Clarify Identity

Great spaces should not only be designed to impress visitors. They should also feel great to you the owner and occupant of the home. To create a great space one first needs to clearly identify the role of the space; how they would like to see that space used. For example, if you wanted to create a great space for entertaining you would need to define what you consider to be ‘entertaining’ and then how many people you would hope to entertain in that space etc.

To draw people to a space you need an attractant. An open fireplace, a billiard table or large comfortable seating are just a few examples of items that can bring people in.

A focal point for people to gather around is the key to successful entertaining areas. To keep them in the space it is vital that the space is well designed and what constitutes well designed varies from space to space. It’s not something that can be explained in a few lines, it is something that comes from many years of successful architectural design.

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