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Eagle Farm Corporate Facility Design – Brisbane Schneider Headquarters


Herston Office Building

We were hired to provide design advice for the Brisbane Schneider Trade Coast Queensland Headquarters project. Our role in this project was to define and document the different needs of our client in order to provide a concept to the developer.

The new centre called for a design that met three core aims. First, it needed to reflect the company’s energy-efficient products and systems. Secondly, it needed to celebrate their drive for innovation. And thirdly, it needed to provide a contemporary and professional business environment for both staff and customers.

Our modern open-plan design spanned across three stories of the office building and promoted a comfortable and collaborative environment. We therefore carefully selected each design element of this space to improve the overall productivity and well-being of the staff.

Administration zones

Corporate Facility Design

Schneider Corporation, an international electrical business, was looking to merge eight corporate facilities into the one building at the time. This means that we identified the requirements of each individual company and our designs catered to all their staffing, amenity, and functional needs. What’s more, our plans of the impressive 5440 square meter space were flexible enough to support the expected growth of their business.

In addition to the above office and showroom space, we designed three large rooms. These rooms accommodate up to 100 people each and are used for training purposes and for professional development.

Our work also included designs for secure stationary store-rooms on each level, a minimum of five meeting rooms with acoustic bi-fold doors, kitchenettes and document storage spaces. It was important to our client that all administration areas were designed as open-planned spaces with an abundance of natural light. We, therefore, placed managerial offices in central locations so that these rooms could easily oversee the open-planned zoning. What’s more, this design feature allows natural light to enter the building in almost every angle.

We also added deep covered balconies on every level of the building to provide necessary breakout areas for staff.

Reception and Forecourt

The ground floor hosts a large common reception area that would warmly welcome all employers and customers into the headquarters. With three-meter floor-to-ceiling windows, this space was designed to maximise natural light. Because these windows are so large, we recommended that the company installs UV and heat rated windows. We also considered sun shading and window screening. This would guarantee the space was as comfortable as it was beautiful throughout the day.

Also on this floor, is a large forecourt that could easily accommodate functions, cafeteria dining and breakout areas. We also included external BBQ facilities and screens that could make outdoor areas more private.

Warehouse and Factory

During this project, we identified warehouse and factory zones within the complex. This warranted 13500 square meters of space. And finally, to improve the logistics of these spaces we also designed a separate entry for trucks and cars.

We handed our design concept over to the project’s developer for the completion of the project.

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