Sustainable, Low Energy Home Designs for Brisbane Homes

The Benefits of Sustainable Architects for Brisbane Homes

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Sustainable, low energy usage home designs offer massive benefits to the occupants of the home. Achieving an energy efficient home design should be the goal of every homeowner! When it comes to sustainable homes in Brisbane, dion seminara architecture leads the way.

It is actually a requirement that all new homes, or renovation projects, achieve a minimum 6-star energy rating. Homes with this rating consume less power and therefore have lower running costs.

But that’s just the beginning of the benefits!

Imagine a home that could achieve a whopping 8.7 energy star rating!

We have managed to achieve that with one of our projects, you can find out more about that home HERE.

Sustainable homes Brisbane, Sherwood New Sustainable Home – David was after an environmentally sustainable and passive new home with some very specific goals. These goals included wanting to generate more energy for the house than it consumes.

Sustainable homes – designs that are good for the planet AND good for the soul

At the time of writing this we only have one planet to live on. Whilst people like Elon Musk are looking to add to that number, it will always be important to look after the one that we live on today!

Sustainable homes are good for the planet. They create less of a carbon footprint, using natural resources to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Energy efficient home designs give careful consideration to the types of materials used in construction. They are built to work with the environment, not against it.

A sustainable home that has been designed by an architect who understands eco-friendly design allows for guilt free living. You can live in comfort, safe in the knowledge that you have done the right thing by the generations that are yet to come.

Sherwood Sustainable Home

Sustainable homes Brisbane, Sherwood New Sustainable Home – This project located in Sherwood is a modern design home. Which is based on sustainable and passive design principles. 

Energy efficient homes can save you money!

Of course, the ability to save money is also highly desirable. If you’re currently paying high power bills, then you’ll appreciate the benefits that energy efficient homes can offer. Electricity prices have been growing steadily in Brisbane, so any chance to lower your power consumption needs to be grasped with both hands.

These savings are particularly useful in the later stages of your life. Once you have retired and no longer produce an income. This is the time in your life when you should be spending money on the things that you love, not over inflated power bills. As custom home designers we understand how important it is to create designs that will save you money for years to come.

Eco Home Renovation

Norman Park Home Renovation – This Norman Park home renovation design was formulated to maintain the integrity of the existing house while creating an exciting contemporary flavour and eco-friendly design for the new additions and alterations.

Sustainable home designs can make you money too

On top of the benefits we’ve just covered, it’s worth noting that a home with a high energy star rating will also be popular when it comes time to sell. Buyers are becoming more aware of the advantages of low-cost sustainable home designs. If your home offers high-quality, low-cost living, then you can be sure that when it comes time to sell, it will be fetching top dollar.

The Benefits of Sustainable Architects for Brisbane Homes

Norman Park Home Renovation – This 1950’s home in Norman Park had an existing design that did not allow for natural airflow or light to permeate the home. The owners felt that an architectural design would be the only way to retain the integrity of the current home while incorporating a new unique environmentally sensitive design.

Beauty and comfort are not forgotten in a quality design

I’ve seen some ugly sustainable home designs. Not every architect, or building designer for that matter, can create homes that are energy efficient AND attractive.

We are one of Brisbane’s leading luxury home designers. Every design we create, be it a renovation or new build, is designed with sustainability in mind, but never does that come at the expense of physical appearance or internal comfort! Creating homes that are beautiful AND sustainable is where real design skill comes into play!

Energy efficient home designs need to focus on the local climate.

Here in Brisbane, we have a sub-tropical climate – perfect for bright, open home designs with plenty of cross ventilation.

Most properties in Brisbane experience cooling breezes. A great design will capture this, creating an internal environment that’s naturally cool and wonderfully health. And it’s not just your physical health – we can create a design for you that makes you feel vibrant and alive.

No stuffy rooms blasted by refrigerated air. Instead, you’ll enjoy healthy light and fresh air and all the benefits that those things bring.

Quality sustainable home design doesn’t just avoid being ugly – it can be visually stunning! With the right architect on your team the possibilities are endless.

Sherwood Sustainable New Home Renders The home needed to be comfortable to live in. While also keeping costs low and having beautiful views of the distant hills. All of this was to be kept in mind while also making sure the house was aesthetically pleasing to the client.

How high can we get your rating?

Earlier I mentioned a home we designed that achieved an 8.7 energy star rating.

It’s one of only a few houses in Australia that has achieved a rating that high!

The project involved painstaking attention to detail to create a stunning home that perfectly suits our client’s needs.

Client Benefits

David, our client, now enjoys a beautifully comfortable home that costs little to run. The design of the home will serve him well into his later years, and allow him to live his life to the fullest.

The layout of the home maximises airflow and natural light. However, there are days where there is no breeze and air-conditioning is required. Internal divisions aid in heating and cooling, reducing running costs on even the hottest or coldest of days. And it’s not just electricity where savings can be found. The home is also highly water efficient.

Sustainable homes Brisbane, Sherwood New Sustainable Home – Experience the home’s design in 3D with this virtual walkthrough where you can witness visually understand that aspects such as airflow, solar paneling and perfectly laid out rooms for better mobility were considered.

This could be you – we can design a home for you that is both comfortable and achieves a high energy star rating, and has the potential to improve your health, financial security, and most importantly – your lifestyle!!!

Obviously these things take time – if you want results you need to contact us today. It’s a fantastic time to build or renovate.

We have a limited number of openings available to take on new projects before the end of the year, so you need to act fast. Contact us today if you want to arrange a time to catch up and discuss the possibilities for your project.

No matter the home, we can create an energy efficient design that will give you savings for many years to come.

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