8 Dec 2017

Brisbane Renovations & Extensions

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Engaging an architect

Brisbane Renovations & Extensions

See this stunning home renovation in Brisbane, by dion seminara architecture who specialise in Brisbane renovations & extensions. The leading Brisbane Architect for residential eco-friendly sustainable design solutions that suits your lifestyle.

If you are building or renovating, ‘Architect designed’ is the best decision you will make.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So it is important to choose a residential architect because they are fully qualified professionals to help you through what can be a complex process.

Whether you are building or remodelling a house, a retail showroom, an office building, a factory or fitting out an interior, only an architect can give you ‘architect designed’ quality. And engaging an architect is very affordable, especially when you consider the value they can add to your project.

‘Architect designed’ homes are well thought-out.

When an architect designs a building, it is designed for your specific needs.  Individual style is part of the appeal, but it is more than a fashion statement.  An architect will design a customised solution to suit your site, maximising its potential by considering optimum land use, orientation, natural light, space planning, traffic flow, privacy, climate control and environmental factors.

Make a smart move, contact dion seminara architecture for your next project.