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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Home

This guide will cover your property location and intrinsic value versus capital value, researching your home and its style, and will make sure you understand what’s involved before you begin.

It’s important that you get assistance before undertaking your project as assumptions made at the beginning of the design process lead to major changes being needed later and thus incurring a large cost. We have extensive low-commitment pre-design services, so you know exactly where you stand, avoid common mistakes, avoid the risks and find the best roadmap BEFORE you commit to any project or professional.

  • Moving Forward

    What we offer our clients is ultimately a comfortable lifestyle at home. We design a home clients can call home. We design a home clients can feel safe and secure. We design homes with a place for everything. We design spaces that work both inside and out. We design a home that looks great to come home to each day. We design a home filled with light and summer breeze but is equally warm in winter. We design a home that will add to your wealth both personally and financially.
    Please note that we do not make or receive calls from 6pm Friday through to 7am Monday.
    Please note that we do not make or receive calls from 6pm Friday through to 7am Monday.
  • Don’t be nervous my call will not be scary and I certainly will not be pushy, you’re going to be in control. The call will try to ensure you know what is available, it will show you how you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you follow our well proven process. You may not be ready to do anything….that is ok. We are always happy to help people and guide people to achieve better outcomes for their architectural, interior design or landscape design project. We all about helping people make the best choices and to ensure DESIGN ENHANCES YOUR LIFE
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Come and visit our studio and have a chat with Dion, where you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss your project with Dion
  • Ask questions about the build/renovation process
  • Get an understanding of what is involved before you commit
  • Discover if we are a ‘good fit’ for you and your project
  • Learn how you will benefit from the best design, and the best quality build and outcome for your lifestyle.

1 hour studio visits are $95 + GST and are available by appointment only. You will be invoiced upon booking and will need to pay prior to your appointment time.