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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Home

This guide will cover your property location and intrinsic value versus capital value, researching your home and its style, and will make sure you understand what’s involved before you begin

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Free Ask The Expert Project Feasibility Call

About the Ask the Expert Project Feasibility Call:

On this¬†30 minute phone call, you’ll speak directly with Principal Architect Dion Seminara about your project. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Give Dion an overview of your project
  • Ask questions about the build/renovation process
  • Learn how you will benefit from the best design, and the best quality build and outcome for your lifestyle.

This call is available by application only, so please book via the link below to ensure you have your spot saved.

About the Architect:

Dion Seminara is a leading residential architect in Brisbane. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Dion has the knowledge and expertise to get projects delivered on time and on budget. To provide the best service possible, Dion Seminara and his firm spends more time on getting the research and analysis stages done right so that you are on the right track from the beginning.