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Period Renovation Auchenflower by dion seminara architecture

Dion Seminara (of dion seminara architecture) is an experienced period renovation architect that preserves the beauty of heritage listed homes, while harmoniously blending the new designs with the old. Glentworth’s beautiful period renovation design (below) enhances the value of the home through the modern design of the rear extension, and fantastic restoration of the heritage architecture at the front of the home. As an experienced heritage architect Dion is well versed in the restrictions placed on Heritage listed homes and can create wonderful designs that remain well within these regulations. Glentworth is an example of Dion’s incredible designs for a heritage home that successfully integrates modern architecture with historical design. The first image that you see below is the modern rear extension. The second is the beautifully enhanced and maintained period renovation of 1880’s classic Queensland Colonial Heritage design.

    Scope of the Project

    The proposal for this period renovation included an extension to the rear of the home and a renovation of the classic heritage architecture of the existing home. The features of Glentworth were retained, it being a heritage home is a beautiful representation of a classic early 1880s Queensland timber colonial residence.

    The site has a two street frontage which allowed showcasing the period renovation of the outstanding historical architectural character at one street frontage (which accords with the adjacent historic Rosalie townscape) – as well as a stunning contemporary architectural design viewed from the other street frontage.

    The majority of changes were made to the rear of the house, which cannot be seen from the Rosalie Central Business Area.

    Period Renovation – Project Details

    An extension done in 1975 was removed to make way for the new extension. However, the 1975 extension’s floor level was maintained at half a metre higher than the heritage home to preserve the outlook to the north and east.

    The enclosed verandah off the main bedroom was converted into an en-suite, and the existing family bathroom was renovated.

    The kitchen was converted to a laundry and powder room, and part of the walk-in robe from the main bedroom was also used to create a larger space.

    The existing verandah was modified to form an impressive curved entry structure and stair.

    An open drying court deck now disconnects the modern from the heritage with a landscaped courtyard providing additional separation between the deck and the verandah.

    At the ground level the rear extension is separated from the existing house by a courtyard; therefore the lovely vistas from the adjacent street through to the rear of the existing house did not change.

    The new extension is linked to the old house via a continuation of the existing verandah. This verandah now has frameless sliding glass which was installed behind the balustrade so it would appear as an open verandah.

    New galvanised iron roof sheeting in short length was used to replace the existing corroded roof sheeting. The new roof over the new extension is also galvanised roof sheeting.

    A garage and basement level were placed substantially below ground.

    Given the existing homes dominate architectural character, the new extensions to the roof line are of a simple form in keeping with the current house.

    Period Renovation and Modern Architectural Design

    The architectural detail of the new extension is representative of today’s architectural design philosophies and current building materials. Although the new expansion is large, it neither competes nor replicates the architectural style and detail of the original Heritage home. The traditional 1880s classic Colonial Heritage which made this home worthy of inclusion on the Queensland Heritage Register remains in all its glory at the front of the home.

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    Contemporary period renovation for traditional home

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