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Read more about Paul and Jodie’s situation in regards to their project in North Lakes below.

Paul & Jodie

Outdoor Entertainment Area, Pool & Minor Interior Renovations at North Lakes, QLD

Honesty is such an important quality in business. I’d hazard a guess that you couldn’t survive as long in business as I have without being completely honest with your clients and prospects. Yet sadly, honesty can be in short supply in the building world.

But I thought it was important to be completely upfront with Paul and Jodie about a concern I had regarding their proposed project.

Paul is a mining engineer and Jodie, is a nurse. The couple moved from Perth with their young son and purchased a property in North Lakes. We met through one of my design advice services, where we explored the option of adding in a new swimming pool along with a large entertaining area and some internal adjustments to their home.

Paul liked the fact that we offered a step-by-step process, and everything went well, however knowing the North Lakes market as I do, I had some concerns about potential over-capitalisation.

Over-capitalisation is typically not a major problem if you live in your home for a long time. Stay in any place long enough and the property values will eventually catch up. But it was important to me that I aired these concerns with Paul and Jodie before they went any further. I even went so far as to suggest they look at locations closer to their son’s school and the CBD and where Jodie worked which were all at least 30 minutes from North Lakes.

The design concept itself was an enjoyable one. I loved having the opportunity to be creative and solve their issues of how to get airflow and natural light into the proposed entertaining area, which was a complete contrast to what the home offered at that time.

But at the end of our meeting, we agreed to leave it at that and for Paul and Jodie to take some time to think over everything we had discussed. They contacted me again 3 months later to say that they had made the decision to proceed with the project. In that time, they had become immersed in the community, creating several strong links and making some wonderful friendships. They stated that they felt more settled and at home in North Lakes than they ever had elsewhere.

And with that we got to work in creating their dream renovation. Paul and Jodie engaged us for our design service through to approvals, construction and tender service (masterplan to build ready service).

Jodie had a great sense of style and was really excited by the proposed timber ceiling linings, tiled surfaces and high volume space that we suggested for their outdoor area. They customised their own dining table which was a lovely, personalised inclusion. At the time of taking photos of the completed works the client had not installed some shutters we had recommended due to their cost but none the less the images give you a good idea of close to the finished product.