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Read more about Jason and Karen’s situation in regards to their project in Indooroopilly below.

Jason & Karen

Large Renovation in Indooroopilly, QLD

This lovely project is a great example of how even the best laid plans can change.

When I first met this family back in 2009 they had 3 lovely daughters. They stated (in writing may I add) that this was going to be the extent of their family. Yet baby number 4 arrived in the time that we were working together on their project!

Just goes to show, you can never be completely sure what the future holds.

Jason is a mechanical engineer that became a contract administrator, working for a tier 1 builder who then studied to become a construction lawyer. Karen was an accountant who then became a practice director in addition to raising their family.

The home, a 1960 highset home on concrete stumps, was formally a housing commission home. The project itself was quite an enjoyable one, however it did throw up some challenges.

The site included a stormwater overland flow path, which meant everything needed to be lifted 1m higher than normal and a large spoon drain had to be formed in the front yard. Adding to the difficulties the home also included a lot of asbestos.

Initially Karen and Jason’s vision was for a two level home with enough space for their growing family of 3. They wanted to stay forever as they love the home’s location.

We completed a Concept Design (Step 2 in our process) before moving onto our Concept Revisions and Development (Step 3). However, the project was placed on hold when Jason was temporarily transferred interstate with the family relocating there for a 9-month period.

Upon their return, and with a new addition to their family on the way, it was time to revise the work we’d done up to that point. Their original strict requirements list was scrapped, replaced by a new found willingness to explore new options with an increased budget.

With changes made we then completed the Approval Applications (Step 4) and Construction Documentation (Step 5) over a 6-month period. Now it was time to go to tender. Jason and Karen wisely chose to go with our Competitive Tender Process (Step 6 Part A). Three suitable builders were asked to price the project. The successful builder then completed the project in 8 months, with us providing our full contract administration service in this time, in addition to our interior and landscape design service.

The project has been a tremendous success. Jason and Karen love their home and the family time it offers.  I have become good friends with this client, given at the time my own kids where a very similar age.  It is great to work with hard working successful professional clients who understand the opportunities good design offers and all the issues in a design and building process.