Janette, Dale & Daughter India

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Read more about this family’s situation in regards to their project in Ascot below.

Janette, Dale & Daughter India

Interior & Exterior Refurbishment in Ascot

As is sometimes the case, this project kicked off not with contact from the client themselves, but from their lovely daughter India.

India, a lecture in marketing, had been impressed with how well our website communicates what we offer to potential clientele. She was keen to see what we could do to help her parents with a pressing need with their home. Intrigued I told her we could and arranged to discuss the project needs with her mother Janette.

The project itself was a modest one by renovation standards – Janette wanted to know if we could provide a nice solution for a doggie door for their two dachshunds, which at the time, ruled the house.

I’m always happy to provide design input no matter how small or irrelevant a project may seem. Creative design skills and project management for housing is after all, my expertise.

And so, it was that during our Design Advice service (Step 1 in our process), alternative solutions were found for Project ‘Delightful Dachshunds Doggie Door.’

During our meeting Janette enquired about what I thought could be done to improve the entry hall along with a section of damaged polished floor. Again, solutions were suggested and agreed upon. On a roll Janette then asked was there anything else I would do if their home was my home. I advised the front of their home, which was a builder’s spec home, lacked impact and should have had a pedestrian entry path to their front door. Janette agreed wholeheartedly with my suggestions.

Janette is a designer herself at heart, so although untrained, she has an great eye for detail, good colour sense and was very motivated to have her home the way she wanted it for her retirement years.

We supplied a complete design service from start to finish including a full architectural service, interior design, landscape design as well as plant selection and overall project management. Additionally, we supplied our horticultural planting plan and actual planting service. This is not a service we typically provide but given the small scale of the garden and the fact these clients had always been so supportive, motivated and encouraging we did so to ensure the best outcome for the project as a whole.

For a project to be successful there must be alignment between your architect and yourself, the client. This project is a great example of why, if you want the very best results, it’s essential that you are as honest as possible with your architect. After all, it is us as architects who will be shaping your living environment; as we do for our clients on each and every project we complete and I have done for the last 30 years.