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Read more about Anne and Trevor’s situation in regards to their project in Nobby Beach below.

Anne & Trevor

Renovation & External Works in Nobby Beach, Gold Coast

Potential customers often have a hard time trying to choose an architect. But word of mouth – in this case from my mum – can make the decision an easy one.

Anne and Trevor were an older couple, just heading into retirement when I met up with them. Anne had formally worked as a teacher with my mum. So they knew more about me than a regular potential client might, given that my mum would love to talk about her children to her friends.

A key consideration for Anne and Trevor was that whomever they chose to work with took the time to understand them and their real needs. Anne recalled my mother frequently mentioning my dedication to hearing what my customers had to say. She knew from her discussions with mum that I believe that listening is the key skill every architect needed to hone.

That was enough for Anne. She contacted me directly, safe in the knowledge that my specialised skills were just what she needed for her project.

When Anne and Trevor first approached me, they had two apartments at the Gold Coast that they wanted to join into one, to create a family home. They warned me that one of the other apartment owners in the small complex was dead against them making any changes.

We met to discuss their project in detail. They took me through their needs list and what they were proposing. I listened intently to what they had to say and then gave them a detailed outline of what the approval process would look like, along with the build costs and associated risks involved.

I, at times to my personal detriment, have never been a ‘yes man’, when it comes to working with clients. I give them my honest opinion as to what I think would be in their best interests.

So I advised Anne and Trevor that, in my own opinion, they would be better served by buying a freehold property with a home that suited them or which leant itself to a renovation that would suit their needs. They took this on board and left to survey the market. A short 6 months later they contacted me again with the news that following my advice they had sold their apartments and purchased a house on its own block of land at Nobby beach.  They went on to explain that they wanted me to make it their family home for their retirement.

Excited at the potential, we got started on some concepts, coming up with different angles to show them what was possible. They chose their preferred option and we immediately developed the design along with the approval and construction sets.

Both Anne and Trevor felt it was important that the complete design worked together, so they engaged us for our full interior and landscape services as well, to ensure the best outcome for their home. They then took advantage of our tender service, where we sourced three suitable builders to tender for their project.

As Trevor and Anne were retired, they chose to oversee the build. Upon completion, they were totally amazed by the results. They lived very happily in the home for the next 18 years. Only recently have they move out to head back to Brisbane to be closer to family in their later years.

I met with them on several occasions at their home at Nobby Beach. Each time they said how much they loved it and thanked me for stopping them from making a major lifestyle and property investment mistake which is where they were certainly heading towards with those 2 apartments if I had not stepped in and given them my opinion. They thanked me for saving them thousands of dollars in body corporate fees and creating a real home for them and their family for those 18 years.