Who Are Our Clients

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Who Are Our Clients

Listed below are the stories of who our clients are, what they were after and what their experiences have been working with dion seminara architecture. Find others who align with your own design situations and lifestyle through
Dion’s experience working with these past clients.

Jason & Karen


Jason is a mechanical engineer that became a contract administrator, working for a tier 1 builder and then studied to become a construction lawyer. Karen was an accountant then became a practice director apart from raising their family…

Janette, Dale & Daughter India


India called me at the outset to see if I was going to be able to assist her parents. India was a lecturer in marketing and said our website was really good
at communicating to potential clientele what we did and could offer…



Our client, David, is a retired associate Professor in mathematics and author.
David was extremely keen on having a sustainable and passive home with zero energy consumption…

Anne & Trevor

Nobby Beach

Anne and Trevor were an older couple, just heading into retirement when I met up with them. Anne had formally worked as a teacher with my mum.
So they knew more about me than any regular client given my mum would always talk about all her children to her friends…

Paul & Jodie

North Lakes

Paul is a mining engineer and Jodie, is a nurse. The couple moved to North Lakes with their young son to buy a home that was similar to their
home in Perth, Western Australia from where they formally lived…

Graziella, Leo & Family

Carina Heights

We created a new home, actually two homes, for Leo, Graziella and their two daughters, and a cousin who lived with them and their extended family.
Leo is a successful business man and wanted to create a space to enjoy with family and friends…

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