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dion seminara architecture

We Work With You

We start with the understanding that you are unique. Your needs, wants and desires are not identical to everyone else. To create your perfect design, we need to understand you; how you live, your likes and dislikes, what’s important now and what might be in the future. We start with a blank canvas with no preconceived ideas. Upon that canvas we create a bespoke home design that perfectly meets your needs.

Our Process

The Brief – Understanding Your Needs and Wants

The absolute best designs come from a collaborative approach. We work to get a deep understanding of your needs. What you love, what frustrates you, how you want to live your life. From breakfast in the morning, to entertaining in your home, how do YOU want to live your life. Only after we have a complete understanding can we create the brief that will form the foundation of your project.

Your Budget

Of course, there are financial realities to all projects. We understand that you have a budget to work with. So, our design will always work within your means. But thanks to our design talent and years of experience you will get the maximum benefit from your home design.

Complete Masterplan
Concept Design

Once we have understood your needs and budgetary requirements, it is time to create your masterplan concept design. This is where you will really notice the difference when working with Dion Seminara Architecture. Because our masterplan concept design goes beyond the building architecture itself. It also covers your project interior and external landscaping, creating an integrated design where all elements work together as one; a masterplan for you now and into the future.

Concept Revision and
Design Development

It’s now time to review the plan and make any final adjustments.

Thanks to our collaborative approach and our detailed initial consultation, very little tends to need adjusting at this stage.

But anything that does need tweaking will be altered in readiness for the next step.

Approval Applications and
Complete Construction Detailing

Once you have approved our design developed drawings, it is time to add in the details and get the drawings ready for approval. Again, the benefits of working with Dion Seminara Architecture will be apparent. Our attention to detail is second to none. There is no ambiguity. Our working drawings and complete construction detailing make everything crystal clear, thus avoiding costly mistakes and misinterpretations during the construction phase.

Cost Management Services

The last thing you need are any rude surprises that blow out your budget. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people in the building industry to seem very competitive on price, only to then request variations once the project is underway.

Which is why our cost management services gives such great peace of mind, making sure that the costs of your project stay on track and within budget.

Partial or Full Project Management

This service is all about making things happen. We manage all required parties, bringing them in as needed through the varying stages of your project.

This service helps keep things on time and on budget, whilst ensuring that you’re getting the best quality outcome for your home.

Tendering Out Your Project To 3 Builders

A key benefit of having your home designed by Dion Seminara Architecture, is our tendering service. With most residential builders charging up to a 35% mark-up, how do you know if you’re getting the best possible deal? By having us tendering out your project on your behalf. We take care of everything, gaining quotes from up to 3 prequalified builders, then reviewing the submissions with you and executing the contracts. You’ll sleep easier knowing that you’ve got the best deal for the construction of your project.


Many home owners find contract administration to be a complex and stressful affair. It’s hard to know if what you’re being told is true or if the builders and tradespeople are acting in your best interests.

For those who would prefer to avoid confrontation and disputes, we offer both partial and full project management services. We look after your interests, ensuring that you know what’s going on, without all the drama.

Walk-Throughs, Virtual Reality (VR), And 3D Views and Visuals 3D Rendering

For most people, floor plans are mere lines on a page, making it hard to picture the final outcome until the construction work has been complete. And by then, it’s too late if there’s something you don’t like.

But with a Dion Seminara Architecture project, we can provide you with 3D renders and virtual reality walk-throughs that allow you to see exactly what the project will look like before the first tradesperson steps foot onto your property.

Sustainable Environmental,
Economic and Social Design

Sustainable design is at the heart of all our projects. We pride ourselves on producing low-consumption home designs with high star ratings in energy efficiency that still maintain the highest levels of comfort and convenience.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that our sub-tropical climate presents and create stunning, environmentally friendly designs that work with the prevailing conditions.

Interior Design

Many of our clients want a full suite of services to complement their renovation or new home build. At Dion Seminara Architecture we offer an interior design service that perfectly complements our architectural design services. Covering everything from colour schemes to fixtures, finishes and fittings, this service ensures a great outcome, with all the benefits of having one company provide a seamlessly integrated design.

Landscape Design

Of course, to really create an integrated design you can’t forget your yard. Our landscape design service completes the connection between the interior and exterior portions of your home.

Beautiful outdoor spaces that blend perfectly with your home will bring all elements together in a way that few other architects can match.

Plant Selections For Your Garden Spaces

We are completely committed to offering a full suite of services to our clients. For this reason, we go beyond just the hardscape designs. We also offer a plant selection service that perfectly complements our other design services. Everything from colour schemes and layering, right through to maintenance and upkeep are covered as part of this detailed service.

Home Automation

Technology is advancing rapidly, making so many aspects of our lives easier and more convenient. Smart homes are the way of the future.

At Dion Seminara Architecture we can advise you on all aspects of home automation.

Lighting Design

The feel of your home is important to your mental and social comfort levels. Lighting can create emphasis and influence the mood and overall vibe of your home.

Our lighting design service can help you achieve the exact feel that you want in each area of your home.

Indoor Outdoor Design

One of the main advantages our sub-tropical climate offers, is the chance to embrace an outdoor lifestyle. We are specialists in indoor/outdoor design, creating homes that allow you to choose between isolating spaces, or creating a seamless connection. Natural light and cooling breezes, the fresh air flowing through your home; your home will have a hugely positive impact on your physical and mental health.

We Service All Areas

We are recognised as one of Brisbane’s leading architects but our business also services gold coast, other parts of coastal, rural Brisbane and interstate customers and can service you internationally based on your needs. With technology today making us more connected than ever before, distance is no longer an issue. No matter where you are, Dion Seminara Architecture can help you create the home of your dreams.

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