Sloping & Difficult Block Architects Brisbane

What Are Sloping Blocks?

Sloping blocks are, as the name suggests, sites with a slope!

This means that one side of the site will be higher than the other – which presents a massive challenge!

These blocks are, more often than not, unsuitable for project homes – and will require a custom home design.


Sloping Block House Design

Bardon Sloping Block Home Design – by dion seminara architecture


How Can Your Architects Design For These Blocks?

Although sloping blocks have their challenges – our architects are skilled in designing for these blocks!

Instead of viewing them as a negative, we recognise the many benefits they can offer (provided you have the right home design!):

  • These blocks are often cheaper than their flat counterparts
  • Sloping blocks can offer amazing views if properly utilised
  • These blocks have the potential to accommodate very unique house designs


How Do I Get Started?

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