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Small lot house designs have their unique challenges and many companies offer designs that are all about compromise. We design a home that is uniquely you.

Architectural homes

The Architect Difference

Homes on small lots are becoming more and more common as land prices and subdivisions increase and the desire for low maintenance homes increases popularity.

Small lot house designs call on all the skills an experienced architect has. Whilst many building companies will have pre-designed homes ready to be erected on small residential blocks, this is far from ideal as every block and every individual has different needs. In order to obtain the best outcome that suits you and overcomes the restrictions that a small lot encompasses, utilising the skills of a seasoned architect is your best option.

Small lot house designs require clever solutions to provide adequate privacy, natural lighting, efficient air flow and accessibility and connectivity throughout the home. Providing for adequate storage solutions, parking options and outdoor living spaces should be part of the design brief with all lifestyle requirements catered to.

Small lot homes can be challenging due to the physical size constraints of the block, however, an architect with experience can provide you with the very best outcome for your project. These projects require considerable knowledge of town planning codes and requirements which may impact your design, and that is where a knowledgeable architect is worth their weight in gold.

Maximising lifestyle

Our Approach and Experience

Whether you are renovating an existing small lot or if you are looking to build new, small lot house designs can deliver the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.  Experience really is the key when it comes to designing liveable, functional, spacious small lot homes.

Brisbane based architects, dion seminara architecture have the expertise in small lot designs. We have created numerous houses under with the Small Lot Code. Understanding the requirements of the code and the various overlays and neighbourhood plans translates into an architecturally designed small lot home that is functional, code compliant and can maximise the lifestyle options that are unique to you.

If you live an outdoor lifestyle we create a design that maximises what your small lot has to offer. Centrally located courtyards, decking solutions and outdoor rooms can enhance your small block house design and add liveability to the block.

Maximising Space

Internally we maximise your space, creating a home that is comfortable, not cramped.  Adequate storage solutions can be cleverly designed to resolve issues of clutter and untidiness. Kitchens, living and dining areas can be open-planned to take full advantage of the available floor space, making an area feel larger than it truly is.

Cleverly positioned bedroom and utility rooms can be arranged to make the best use of natural air flow and light.  Keeping bedrooms cool in summer and warm in winter should be your ultimate goal to save on electricity for heating and cooling purposes wherever possible.

Positioning rooms to amplify geographical features on your small lot for the purposes of privacy or to access city views, or bushland vistas rather than looking straight into your neighbours home can be easily achieved when you engage the services of an experienced architect.

Your tastes and personality should be seen through every aspect of your home as the design comes together. Our small lot house designs are generally high in sustainability and energy efficiency. They are visually stunning and wonderful to live in. The secret behind the success of our small lot designs is in the fact that each design is tailored to suit the owner’s needs.

As mentioned, it’s not just new homes where you’ll benefit from our detailed small lot house design service. We can also create stunning renovations of existing homes to turn something unsuitable into something that’s ideal for your needs.

Brisbane small lot designs

Zoning and Assessment

House designs for small blocks in the Brisbane City Council area are required to comply with the Small Lot Code. There are generally 4 components of the code that we will work towards:

  1. A small lot should be occupied by only one household,
  2. New developments should be defined by a building envelope, encompassing setbacks from the road, height of the dwelling and outcomes for built to boundary walls,
  3. Site coverage of the building structure on the lot, and
  4. Parking requirements.

Neighbourhood plans or ‘overlays’ may additionally impact your small block design. Understanding the benefits and limitations of your specific block, site area, zoning and neighbourhood plan allows an experienced architect to address the design to maximise the lifestyle potential the block can offer.

Certain small lot house designs can be self-assessable if your dwelling resides within the low to medium density residential zone and complies with the requirements of the Small Lot Code and neighbourhood plans.

Small Lot House Designs
Small Lot House Designs

Self-Assessable Developments

We have the experience to help you build your self-assessable dream home on your small lot. Self-assessable developments do not require approval, so you can commence your project sooner, knowing that dion seminara architecture has designed a code-compliant small lot house design for you. If your small lot home design project is in the Character Residential Zone then it is likely your property will be part of the Traditional Building overlay. Small block designs within character zones previously completed by dion seminara architecture have enabled new dwellings to be compatible with the existing streetscape and to fit seamlessly into the distinctive character of the neighbourhood. dion seminara architecture can also assist with the assessable development application on your behalf.

Planning considerations

Unique Small Block Designs

The planning considerations around small block house designs must be at the forefront of an architects mind. Being able to combine a design style that perfectly suits you, whilst being mindful to the regulations can only be performed by an experienced architect.

This is where you immediately benefit from our years of design and building experience as we discuss with you all the different ways that we can achieve your goals and how each of those fits within your budget.

Once we’ve gotten a good understanding of your goals and needs we then set about creating a unique design that encompasses everything that we have discussed. We put your personal preferences together with our decades of experience.

By having a comprehensive understanding of the planning codes and your lifestyle needs, your architect can offer you an individual, unique design that complies with the relevant town planning codes and meets your needs.

Small lot homes may appear to have their unique challenges and many companies offer designs that are all about compromise. At dion seminara architecture we embrace the specific opportunities within each parcel of land to design a home that is uniquely you.

Contact us today and let us create the perfect small lot house design for your needs.

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