Small House Designs

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Small House Designs

Small house designs require a combination of both skill and experience to get the most out of the project. Find out how an architect can help you.


Architectural Small House Designs

As the population grows and land becomes scarce small house designs are becoming more common in major Australian cities such as Brisbane, however they’ve been popular overseas for many years. dion seminara architecture is able to create stunning custom small house designs drawing inspiration from foreign architecture to give you the best possible result for your home.

Small House Designs

Tailored Design

Too often we see small house designs that look and feel like pokey little boxes where people existing rather than truly live. With so many pre-made small house designs in the market it’s easy to understand why. Many companies claim to specialise in small house construction, but what they’re really doing is rehashing the same poor designs for each new customer that comes along.

The reality is the smaller the home the more it needs to be custom designed to suit YOUR needs. Space is at a premium, you don’t want it wasted on some floor plan that puts greater emphasis on spaces that aren’t important to you.

At dion seminara architecture we take the time to get to know what’s important to you. We learn about your lifestyle, your goals, your interests and what’s really important to you. We then take the time to create a design that reflects that information; completely tailored from scratch to suit your needs.

Getting the most liveability out of a small house design requires a lot of creativity. It also benefits from extensive research, particularly of those overseas markets where small houses have been the norm for generations.

dion seminara architecture has the knowledge, experience and creativity to create small house designs that are less about compromise and more about lifestyle.

Don’t settle for a house when we can design a home that suits you and your needs. Call us today and let us use our 30 odd years of experience in Brisbane architecture to create a home just for you. To learn more about why bigger is not always better, click here to read our blog post: Why bigger is not always better.

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