Sloping Block House Designs

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Steep Slope House Designs

Understanding the building and design complexities of steep slope house designs, our award-winning team can provide a considered and liveable solution

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A custom design to suit your steep block

Steep or sloping house designs are among the more challenging designs that an architect can undertake, but certainly require a seasoned architect’s expertise. dion seminara architecture is one of Brisbane’s most established and well known architectural firms with a wealth of experience in creating sloping block house designs.

Understanding the building complexities and the design challenges, our award-winning team can provide a considered and liveable solution for your sloping block.

If you are building or renovating on a block that has anything from a noticeable to a steep slope then you need to work with an architect who has adequate experience in this field.

Sloping Block House Designs

Architectural Design

There are a number of challenges that need to be overcome when creating house designs for steep, sloping blocks. Beyond the obvious engineering challenges that come from creating a level home on a sloping site, there is also the matter of cost. Understandably homes built on sloping blocks are often more expensive than homes built on a level surface.

But steep and sloping blocks and sloping sites also represent opportunities to create unique homes with features that other homes will never have. No two sloping block house designs are the same. Each block is different as are the needs of the owners. The key is to work with an architect that knows how to take advantage of these opportunities to create a stunning, functional home with high future resale value. Whether it’s cutting and filling on a moderate sloping site or building a raised home, or creating pavilions which mould with the contours of the land, we will create a stunning design that blends seamlessly with its surrounding space.

Unique homes

Local experience

There are plenty of suburbs in Brisbane that have to contend with steeply sloping blocks and other challenges in nature. dion seminara architecture has over 30 years local experience in the building and design industry. Regardless of whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing home on a steep block, we can create cost-effective designs focused on your lifestyle goals.

If you’re building or renovating on a sloping block you need to get the best possible advice. Specialised projects like these need expert advice. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.

Sloping Block House Designs
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