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Kitchen Designers Versus Kitchen Renovation Architects

Sometimes with kitchen designers rather than kitchen renovation architects, you can obtain a design that fits with the cabinets and appliances that the kitchen designers have a close business relationship with or are in fact in-house kitchen designers in which case your design will be limited to the products that the firm manufactures.

dion seminara architecture are independent architects and not linked to any kitchen manufacturers, suppliers or builders. This means that we will be choosing a design that perfectly fits your needs and wants which includes the ideal kitchen cabinets, appliances and materials.

Not Just a Kitchen Design

A kitchen architect does not only design a kitchen customised for you and your cooking and entertaining uses but also looks at the overall room and house design and in particular the design style of the adjacent rooms or areas.

Even if you don’t have an open plan kitchen, the living area it is still important. We believe that your kitchen design enhances and complements the internal style of your home.  Naturally the style and layout of an open plan kitchen and living, dining area must influence the style and design of a kitchen renovation design.


Using a Kitchen Architect

A kitchen renovation designed by Brisbane architects dion seminara architecture will be not only practical and a pleasure to work in but also a feature of your home, both complementing and enhancing your home overall.

A kitchen renovations design needs to be perfect as kitchens are one of the most important rooms in your home and also probably the most expensive room to renovate. With dion seminara architecture you can be sure that your kitchen renovation design is just that, perfect and there will be no risk of expensive and frustrating redesigns of a kitchen that once built you discover has many flaws.

Another advantage of hiring a professional like a kitchen architect is that they strike the crucial balance between clever design, simplicity and quality. A skilled kitchen renovation architect will take your ideas and dreams, your current home design together with their design talents and create the ideal ‘new’ kitchen for you whether you are a microwave king or a foodie and/or a regular entertainer…

Various options

Kitchen Renovation Design

When it comes to trends it’s easy to be sceptical. You might remember the 70s laminated kitchen cabinets with oranges, green, browns and yellows everywhere you looked. While some trends we are happy to see go, there are some key trends in every decade that are here to stay. For today there are three key trends that you can look forward to seeing both now and in the future.

The Larger Picture for Kitchen Renovations


The first important trend is sustainability. Sustainability means reducing waste, energy use and water use and can also include recycled building materials to minimise the environmental footprint of your kitchen. Simple environmentally friendly measures can be as straightforward as installing a recycling compartment into your waste area or using lever taps instead of crossheads to reduce water wastage and leaking taps. Kitchen compost bins (or compost pails) are increasingly being used in kitchens and are designed so they do not attract flies or create an unpleasant odour.

Multi-purpose kitchen zones

The second major trend in kitchen renovation design is functionality and this is reflected in the design and equipment of the open plan multi-purpose kitchen. As sociocultural trends evolve the first room that changes in home design to address new lifestyles is the kitchen. Modern times have meant people are using their kitchens as multi-purpose rooms. The kitchen has become the formal dining area, the casual dining space, the area for homework and work needs, and the entertainment hub of the house.

Entertainer's kitchen

The third notable trend in kitchen renovations is the entertainer’s kitchen. It is the idea that the kitchen is the centre of all entertainment in the house, and is the place where home owners entertain guests in their homes. Larger and more open kitchens have been on the rise as they need to be multi-functioning and welcoming.

Appliance choices

Another easy way to follow the sustainability trend in your kitchen renovation is to pay strict attention to your appliances, shop for the ones with the best energy and water efficiency, as well as ones that are reliable or have extended warranty. A kitchen architect will know the best way to incorporate sustainability into your kitchen renovation design from the straightforward eco-friendly options through to using recycled materials and products.


To address all these new needs, kitchen designs have adapted to consistently innovate in functionality. Large storage drawers and pull-out baskets are maximising the use of hard-to-reach spaces, and soft-close mechanisms are reducing the slamming of doors constantly heard in a family home. Durable surfaces and materials are needed as the kitchen is used the most out of any space in the house. Laminated or steel benchtops and timber cabinets with glossy finishes are increasingly in popularity.

Island benches

Durability, functionality and style are all becoming the main factor for kitchen renovations. Island benches are still the most popular style of bench for a kitchen as it enables functionality and moveability in the space. And the kitchen needs to be easier to move and work in than ever before.

Butler's pantry

As mentioned previously butler pantries are on the rise. If you have space it is a good investment to include within your kitchen renovation (for future resale value) and also for you yourself, when you are entertaining guests but want to keep the mess away from sight.

Wine cellar

Wine cellars are also another good investment if you entertain often; however, if space is a concern a wine fridge might be better suited and gives guests easy access to beverages while food is being served.


Kitchens that open out to outdoor decks and patios can mean easy year-round entertaining between the inside and outside. Bi-fold or sliding windows can operate as a serving hatch and be an easy place to serve food and bring the outdoors in.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens might also be an idea if you entertain often; having two areas for cooking and preparing food can spread out the company and give you easy ways to cook large quantities of food. Discussing these trends with a kitchen architect and interior architect can mean that you have a kitchen that increases the value of your home, and also increases the value of your life.

Kitchen Renovation
Design Options

Natural light for a bright, friendly kitchen

When renovating your kitchen you may (we will!) wish to examine the natural light the room is currently obtaining. If the amount of light is not sufficient we can look at this within your kitchen renovation design and possibly include additional or larger windows or even a skylight – or row of skylights for the wow factor!

Open plan kitchen and living

A common inclusion in new and renovation kitchen designs is a butler’s pantry. Butler’s pantries are an easy way to keep a kitchen spotless when the kitchen is clearly visible from the living and dining areas. If you do not have space for a butler’s pantry clever design too can help to ensure that a working kitchen which is part of an open plan living area is an attractive feature of the home – and we can ‘hide’ certain kitchen areas if desired.

Interior design styles

When it comes to the actual style for your kitchen renovation there are many choices available. Our interior architects do suggest that when deciding on the design style for your ‘new’ kitchen try not to overcomplicate. It’s best to stick with a simple layout with three to four finishes, with one wow factor that really makes your kitchen that stunning kitchen style you long for.

Rustic or Hampton’s style kitchens are popular because they are timeless and homely, but also give you the opportunity to adjust the design to suit your personal style. An interior architect is best qualified to advise you on how these designs can be adjusted to your personal style without losing the elements that make them so timeless.

A kitchen style option currently is vogue is concrete and stainless steel kitchens. These materials now play an important role in the ultra modern kitchen. This commercial kitchen look is a very attractive option in a modern trendy kitchen.

As said there are many different design styles available kitchen renovations and our Brisbane interior architect is abreast of all the latest trends and will help you determine the best style for your home.

Integrated appliances

Integration of appliances into cabinetry design is an option that is an ongoing trend. This means that any appliances that do not effectively fit in with the design (or you wish hidden) can be integrated effectively.

Ovens and cooktops

Two ovens are now a common occurrence in kitchen renovations, with some kitchens having two ovens and a steamer or warming drawer. For entertainers, two ovens are used to get the food ready in the shortest amount of time. Trends in cooktops (or stovetops) have indicated an increase in popularity for induction cooktops which are safer those both conventional electric cooktops and gas cooktops. There are still however many home chefs who prefer the speed of gas cooking on gas hotplates.


For practical reasons, microwaves are now most often designed to be placed in lower positions below the working bench. The reason for this is for practical use and safety. By being placed lower down reduces the possibility of spilling hot food on yourself when lifting a heavy (or even a light dish) dish out of the microwave.

Drawers, gadgets, lighting and dishdrawers

Drawers instead of shelves are a common occurrence in new kitchen designs as drawers mean easier accessibility. There are also many clever options in small kitchen gadgets like adjustable cutting boards, pull out rubbish and recycling bins, and hidden LED lights to easily change the mood and ambience.

Many homeowners are choosing to buy dishdrawers instead of a full dishwasher, as it saves space and when you don’t have a full load to wash you just use the one drawer.

Corner cabinets

There are also many storage capabilities and improvements occurring in kitchen design. Corner cabinets are now available in drawers so you can easily access the back corner without having to reach in. Also, there are new lazy susan options in corner cabinets, so the shelf pulls out completely, letting you access everything on the lazy susan in a much easier manner.

A kitchen/laundry

New trends in layouts have been the introduction of the laundry into the kitchen area, particularly for those homes where every inch of space is valuable. Laundries can sometimes also be easily incorporated into butler’s pantries

Should you include this design option within your kitchen renovation it can mean you have an extra room where the laundry was originally. This could give you a new study area or bathroom (or even a wine cellar if temperature and humidity levels allow it).

Another option is for your laundry to be incorporated into a half-half with the butler’s pantry if you did not have enough space for both the butler’s pantry and the inclusion of the laundry appliances. This hides both the kitchen and laundry appliances from view, giving you a spotless display kitchen.

Indoor/outdoor dining

Finally, with the increase in alfresco dining and entertaining it’s common now that kitchen renovations include an indoor to the outdoor flow. This is generally done through a bi-fold servery or window linking the kitchen to the deck or patio. Taking this a step further, outdoor kitchens becoming now commonplace and you may wish to consider this too when undertaking a kitchen renovation.

Wine fridges can be easily placed outside in an outdoor kitchen, meaning easy access to beverages for guests.

Pizza ovens can mean beautiful wood-fired pizza that will impress any family member or guest.

Incorporating your BBQ with a Teppanyaki plate or stove top can mean an extra area to prepare food that could be useful when entertaining a lot of people.

By having an architect and interior architect design your kitchen renovation they can give you advice and designs on how to achieve the extension into the outdoor area, and make it perfect for your lifestyle and entertaining needs.

There are many design options when it comes to renovating kitchens. Depending on space and your budget, you might wish to incorporate one or more of the design options and features for your kitchen renovation that are described below.

There is also additional kitchen design information including the like of the kitchen design triangle, free-standing island benches, U-shape designed, zoned designs etc on our Kitchen Design Page.


Kitchen Renovation Design

dion seminara architecture are also interior architects and within your kitchen renovation we can incorporate all the different interior design aspects that make for a truly great kitchen. If you are seeking a kitchen renovation design that:-

  • Embraces your needs, your lifestyle and your home;
  • Addresses the larger issues of sustainability, natural light and the flow and style of your home;
  • Details all design elements such as lighting, cabinetry, appliances, materials etc; and
  • Is extremely functional, is a joy to work in and a pleasure to look at…

Technology integration

Technology innovations and increases of their use in our daily lives have meant that home integration is becoming a large trend. As the kitchen is the centre of the home, its common sense that it would be the technology hub as well. For example, there are options for having new appliances that incorporate your tablet, as well as lights, music and air flow control options. Televisions and computer screens are also being integrated into cabinets and refrigerators as a way of keeping up to date with news, weather, have easy access to recipes, and to keep in contact with family members.

Lighting styles and innovation

Lighting trends include the increase in oversized pendant lights, directional accent lighting, and LED perimeter lighting. Oversized pendant lights are an effective way to create a design feature; however, it is recommended that you (and we) pay close attention to height and placement for practicality. LED perimeter lighting is emerging as a big trend in kitchen lighting as it adds another dimension, looks futuristic, and can be an effective way to control the ambience and mood of the kitchen.

Modern materials

Easy-to-maintain and clean work spaces are currently in vogue in the latest kitchen renovations, with solid-surface benchtops and timber veneer cabinetry with gloss finishes (which are easy to wipe-down and allow for bright colours in the design). Push to open cabinetry is important in a minimalist design as it is stylish and there are no handles to draw the eyes. Stone benchtops are beautiful and common in kitchen renovations; however, stainless-steel benchtops too are increasing in popularity and perfect if you require something more durable or prefer the commercial look.

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