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Kitchen Design Architects

Kitchen design architect, dion seminara architecture create the perfect kitchen design to complement your architecturally designed new home or renovation.


Kitchen Design Architects

Exceptional kitchen design is the result of extensive experience in new kitchen designs and kitchen renovations; dion seminara architecture has a talented kitchen design architect in-house, to create the kitchen of your dreams.

A new architectural kitchen design could open up the potential for some redesigning of other spaces of your home, creating a home that flows and harmonises between the kitchen, dining and living areas. This can mean increased value in both economic and lifestyle terms. It could be that the ideal new kitchen design for your home may mean a few design changes to other areas of your home. Your kitchen design architect would discuss this with you and undertake any further design requirements to make sure your chosen kitchen design is the centre of the house and flows smoothly between the other areas of the home.

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Your Kitchen Architects

Your kitchen is one, if not the most important room in your home and should you use a kitchen design architect you can be certain that this room will not only be the heart of your home but also the pièce de résistance. We would love to hear the ideas that you have for your new kitchen and would like to work with you to turn these ideas into reality – and surpass them through the use of our architectural kitchen design experience and talent.

dion seminara architecture creates architectural kitchen designs as part of new home or renovation works. Your kitchen design architect at dion seminara architecture will make sure that your kitchen design provides the best solution for all your cooking, entertaining and dining needs. Our aim is to design you a kitchen that exceeds your expectations, creates the ‘wow’ factors and complements and beautifies your home.

Your kitchen

Design Options

The design of your kitchen by dion seminara architecture will consider the best kitchen designs that are suitable for you and your home. Not all homes (and not all cooks) favour the kitchen triangle, and if this is the case a kitchen design architect, rather than a traditional kitchen designer, will help take your kitchen to the next level.

The Classic Kitchen Triangle Design

The kitchen triangle design is based on the idea that when in the kitchen, a cook would need to be close to their stove, sink and refrigerator/pantry. The lines between the three points of work in a kitchen design make up the triangle.

Zoned Kitchen Design

An alternative to this kitchen triangle design is a zoned kitchen design. A zoned kitchen design differs from the kitchen triangle as the design results in specific zones based on specific uses within the kitchen. Thus a zoned kitchen design would have a cooking zone, a preparation zone, a serving zone and a cleaning zone etc. This kitchen design can be incorporated in a number of different layouts (such as the U-shaped kitchen design) which would be determined by the way that you work in the kitchen, the space that you have allocated to your new kitchen and the flow of the kitchen to other outside and inside areas of your home.

Kitchen Island Bench Designs

Many kitchen architects now start with determining the location, angle and position of the kitchen bench. Currently, in vogue are stand-alone island benches which form the border of the kitchen. These island benches are usually not only a preparation area but also a serving area as well as providing a quick dining area. It is easy to see why the design of a stand-alone kitchen bench is so popular as it brings the kitchen into the dining and living areas of the home and can be a spectacular design feature.

Indoor/Outdoor Architect Kitchens

Due to the wonderful weather that we have in Brisbane (and Australia) alfresco dining and entertaining is popular and a continually growing trend. Thus most people these days are looking for a kitchen design that works well both for internal and external dining and living. This is usually accommodated by having an external kitchen servery but could also be an inside-outside dining bench or even a kitchen that opens wide onto a deck with French doors. There are many wonderful opportunities to combine your kitchen with outdoor living and we at dion seminara architecture have designed many exceptional kitchens that superbly link and bring the outdoors indoors.

Kitchen Designs with a Butler's Pantry

Currently in popular use (and for good reason) is the inclusion of a butler’s pantry and this is reflected in many architecturally designed kitchens. A butler’s pantry allows you to entertain in style. All the hard work (and mess) is hidden within the pantry work and storage area and your stunning kitchen is utilised for final touches and serving. For those of you who entertain a lot or just prefer to enjoy a meal without seeing all the debris of the meal preparation (and washing and tidying that still needs to be done) then a butler’s pantry should be a major element of your dream kitchen design.

Gallery or L-shaped Kitchen Designs

Gallery or L Shaped kitchen designs most often incorporate the stand-alone kitchen island bench as described previously. There are many advantages of such designs and also many times when such a design is optimal for a particular home. One of the major advantages of these open plan kitchen designs is that they create a harmony between dining and living, opening up your home and flowing the conversation and interaction through the home.

Small Architectural Kitchen Designs

Some homeowners have limited space in which to incorporate their kitchen. This is most true for apartments, small homes, homes on small lots and home that have a spectacular view that the owners wish to maximise by having both kitchen and living areas exposed to the view.

The design of a small kitchen can challenge any kitchen designer including a kitchen design architect. In these situations, all the normal aspects of architect kitchen design come into play, with the added extra of ensuring adequate storage and ease of people movement.

At dion seminara architecture we love such a challenge and have extensive skills and experience in designing small architectural kitchens that maximise every inch of space, are a delight to cook in and will truly enhance your house or apartment.


Functional design

A kitchen designed by an architect, as part of a renovation or new home build, will ensure the layout, functional performance and location are considered with respect to the surrounding areas of the home.

A kitchen design architect:

  • understands the different demands of kitchen designs;
  • brings years of architectural knowledge and design talent to your kitchen;
  • designs a kitchen with a holistic approach taking into account the design of your home and adjacent living areas;
  • designs your kitchen taking into account factors such as natural light, orientation, views and indoor-outdoor flow;
  • consults extensively with you to ensure that your dreams and ideas are reflected in the ideal architectural kitchen that you desire;
  • is not aligned to any kitchen manufacturer or builder; thus your design will be completely independent, totally customised to you and not to the specific equipment/units or appliances that a kitchen designer may have a business agreement with.
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