Indoor/Outdoor Residential Design

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Indoor/Outdoor Room Design

At dion seminara architecture, we are highly experienced in indoor/outdoor renovations.

We have worked with clients from across south-east Queensland and know what it takes to truly incorporate an outdoor space with the flow of an indoor room and transform how you live. There are many things to consider when you are looking into this sort of room design, we know what is important and can bring your dreams to life with beautiful design.

Space to grow

An Indoor/Outdoor Room Versus an Outdoor Space

The best indoor/outdoor renovations offer ample space and room to move. At dion seminara architecture, we understand what a growing family needs, and also what works for homes in our climate. We can work with you, whether you want an intimate space for relaxation or an outdoor area that can transform to cater to all of your friends and family.


Intuitive design

When we begin the design process, we are going to go through exactly how you’re planning on using your indoor/outdoor room. We want to understand how you’re going to be moving in the space and what’s important to you.


Ability to transform

A true indoor/outdoor room is one where the room can be completely enclosed to look like an internal room, and yet open up to become a semi-enclosed space. However, if the space is only semi-enclosed at best, then it is an outdoor room.


Functional outcomes

Our design team can even help you with furniture design that suits your space without overwhelming the area. We implement functional design that adds an aesthetic appeal, and we want to ensure that your indoor/outdoor area is a space you use for years to come.

Architectural design

Your Key to Indoor/Outdoor Room Design

Lifestyle design

When we’re designing and developing a space, we spend a lot of time speaking with you and getting a feel for what you want from your home. Do you want an intimate space or a space that connects with the yard, garden or swimming pool? Or would you prefer that there’s a more clearly defined boundary in place where it’s a clear distinction between the indoor and outdoor elements of the space? We’ll also ask if you plan to cook or cater in your outdoor space and can implement elements that make entertaining a dream for you, with refrigeration, cooking, barbecues and fireplaces just some of the elements we can incorporate.

Desire to connect

The desire to connect the indoor space with the outside elements has grown in the past ten years, to the point now where an indoor/outdoor room design is an integral part of most new homes or renovations. We involve you in the design process as much or as little as you like. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing home and want to bring more of the outdoors in, or you are considering a new build and want to get advice from architects who are experienced in this kind of design; know that we can help you.

Advantageous solutions

The advantage of true indoor/outdoor room design is the ability to close it off completely during bad weather, while still being able to use the space. Think about those incredibly hot days or the occasional cold Brisbane day, or perhaps a seasonal thunderstorm. The ability to shut unwanted weather out gives true indoor/outdoor rooms a huge advantage. When the weather is good, you can use your indoor/outdoor room to its full advantage; opening up shutters and silding open your doors. When it comes to home architecture, we can work with you to ensure that your indoor/outdoor room design truly opens up.

Blur the lines

An indoor/outdoor room design that blurs the lines between nature and the security of indoors is a true triumph in design.

Getting started

Your Key to Indoor/Outdoor Room Design

How do you want to use your space? Will it be formal or informal, private or entertaining?

Do you want an outdoor area that can be enclosed or one that remains open?

How many people will you want to cater for in your space? Do you want to be able to expand the space when you have a larger gathering?

What type of cooking facilities (if any) are required?

How much of a visual and physical connection do you want between the external and internal spaces?

Do you need to be able to have a pool or water feature in the space?

Let’s get started

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