The Importance of Connection in Great Home Design

Great Home Design

Great home design often comes down to having a well planned, well-connected home. But what does well connected mean? Let me explain.


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One of the keys to great home design is having appropriate connections within your home. Connections within the internal spaces of your home are just as important as having an appropriate connection between the internal and external spaces of your home. The connection between internal and external spaces within the home has experienced a much greater focus over the past 10 years to the point where indoor/outdoor room design is seen as a crucial element of most new homes or renovations.

But simply deciding to create an indoor/outdoor room is only a small part of the equation. There are many things to work through with your architect to ensure the focus on connectivity will truly suit your lifestyle needs.

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The Importance of Connection

There are spaces that should be connected; spaces such as your kitchen and your outdoor entertaining area. It is appropriate that these spaces are connected in such a way that you can get food and beverages from your kitchen to your outdoor spaces with a minimum of fuss or effort. However, you don’t want this level of connection between your toilet and your outdoor area.

So the level and type of connection need to be considered during the planning stage. We need to work out what level of connection is appropriate for and between each space.

For example, most well-designed homes seamlessly bring together the outside and inside areas of a property. Transitioning from an interior space to an exterior space occurs almost without a noticeable boundary being crossed. And it is this connection between external and internal spaces that truly maximise the value of your property.

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