House Designs That Suit Your Block

House Designs That Suit Your Block

To get the most out of your property you need a design that is a good fit for your block. At dion seminara architecture our designs do just that.


Effective Design

To create a house design that suits your block you must consider the orientation of your new home, access and privacy issues, and local climatic conditions.

No two blocks of land are exactly the same, and consideration needs to be given to the individual nuances of your particular piece of land, if your home design is to reach its full potential. An effective design will take advantage of a blocks natural assets, whilst minimising the impacts of any negatives.

Keys to Creating a House That Suits Your Block

  • Creating a design that caters for the path of the sun and reduces excess heating of living areas during the summer.
  • Providing suitable access that makes maintenance easy without impacting negatively on your lifestyle.
  • Keeping your home and your outdoor spaces private.
  • Creating a design that understands and takes advantage of local climatic conditions.

Architectural Services

There are many aspects of your house block to consider in any home design or renovation. dion seminara architecture can create a house design to suit your block that will enhance your lifestyle as well as the value of your home. Orientation, access and privacy are all important considerations. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Local climate

A great home design promotes cross-ventilation and takes advantage of your blocks natural assets. Great home designs across the ages have understood the importance of capturing cooling summer breezes. And whilst this art was ignored by some in the building industry over the past couple of decades, increasing power bills and a greater appreciation of impacts on the environment has lead to a resurgence in the art of making the most of what our climate has to offer.

There are a number of things that can impact on how air travels across your block such as trees, surrounding buildings and in the case of a renovation your own home. The design of your home should allow for cross-ventilation that you the owner can regulate as desired.

This is where a great understanding of sustainability and eco-home design is crucial. Capturing these cooling breezes and directing them in and around your home is an art form and one that not every architect or building designer has mastered.


Orientation, Access and Privacy


The correct orientation of your home ensures more comfortable living and even lower power bills. Which direction your block faces in relation to the compass will impact on the design of your home and where things can be built. When creating a house design to suit your block it’s important to keep in mind that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The early morning Eastern sun is great during winter. It lacks the harsh heat of the late afternoon sun as its warmth is in contrast to the air which has cooled overnight. Sitting in the morning sun eating breakfast is a great way to start the day and depending on the available views and other factors might be something that your home design wants to take advantage of.

However, how well you can take advantage of the early morning sun whilst minimising the impact of the hot afternoon sun, will depend very much on the orientation of your block. Trees and surrounding buildings can impact on the amount of sunlight that your home or block receive. Tailoring your design based on the amount of sunlight is very important if you are to have a comfortable home to live in.

Too much direct sunlight on living areas – particularly decks or outdoor rooms – can make them almost uninhabitable during the heat of summer. Similarly, any areas that don’t receive sunlight due to shading from trees or other buildings can be problematic and need to be catered for in the design of your home. It’s not as simple as saying ‘I want a swimming pool there’ or ‘This is where I think the clothesline should go’. The impact of the sun on these areas must be factored in.


Easy access to all parts of your property make maintenance and upkeep so much easier. A house design to suit your block needs to consider access. Access to your block can impact on the design of your home in two ways. In terms of renovations, access can impact on the cost of the project as any machinery that needs access to the rear of the block may need to be craned in and crane hire can be expensive. Your home design should consider any access issues as should the planning of any building project where access is restricted.

Ongoing access for new or renovated homes is another important consideration. For example, the positioning of sleeping areas relative to garages might be important if you have an early worker in the home. But aside from this, ongoing access, particularly to the rear of the home should at least be considered. New home or renovation designs should look at the potential of improving access to the rear of the property potentially through something as simple as having a rear roller door fitted to the garage allowing vehicles and trailers to be driven through the garage and into the backyard. At the very least it can make mulching the garden that much easier.


Trees, screening plants, shutters and blinds can all help keep your home private from prying eyes. It’s not only things within the boundary of your block that need to be taken into account. Things outside of your yard can also affect your home design. Sounds, sights and even smells from neighbouring properties can be a problem. For example, if you are looking at building an upstairs deck and the area looks straight into your neighbour’s living room, both your neighbour and yourself would probably appreciate the design incorporating some form of screening so that everyone can maintain a level of privacy.

Unsightly buildings or spaces outside your fence can also impact on your design as you probably don’t want to be staring at things like bland brick walls when you’re looking out the window or gazing out from your new deck. Likewise, if you are near a busy road or other potentially annoying noise sources we will possibly need to consider some form of noise suppressing barriers like sound screening walls or foliage to minimise the impact of that noise on your home.

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