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Home Storage Design

The key to a spacious, uncluttered home is clever design. dion seminara architecture can create a design specifically for your home storage needs.

Dedicated spaces

Effective use of space

Home storage design focuses on providing a space for everything, ensuring your possessions have a dedicated place in your home. It’s fair to say that you can never have too much storage space and therefore your new home or renovation design should cater to your current needs as well as your potential future storage needs.

One of the major headaches for homeowners, particularly those who have lived in their homes for a long time is storage, which is why home storage design is so important. Over the years we gather many possessions but finding a place to keep them all when they are not in use is often a hassle.

At a glance

Keys to Good Home Storage Design

  • All storage should prioritise access to commonly used items over those that are less commonly used.
  • Clever kitchen storage design can really help keep your kitchen looking tidy at all times.
  • The correct design allows for clothes to be stored spaciously, and not just crammed in, causing everything to become creased.
  • Garages should not be used as storage sheds.
  • Storage that is planned around the items that are going to be stored is typically more efficient than simply putting in some shelves.
Spacious and clean

Kitchen Storage Design

There are a host of storage options available that can help keep your kitchen looking spacious and clean, whilst still allowing access to your most commonly used utensils. Keep in mind that usability is crucial in any kitchen design. You want the things you need most often right at your fingertips, whereas less often used items – such as an electric mixer – can be stored in more out of the way areas.


Design Considerations

Butler's Pantry Storage

If you have space and the budget then it’s hard to argue against the benefits of a butler’s pantry which is essentially a hidden kitchen within a kitchen. Appliances can be stored and food can be prepared in the butler’s pantry whilst keep the main kitchen space clean and uncluttered.

Alternative Kitchen Storage Options

If a butler’s pantry doesn’t suit your situation for any reason there are a host of other kitchen storage options that are worth considering such as:

  • Sliding splashbacks – where shelves or storage spaces are kept free behind the splashback keeping things close to where you might need them. Things like power points can be hidden here out of sight.
  • Appliance cupboards – which may also feature slide-out shelves that keep things like electric jugs, blenders and toasters out of sight, hidden behind a small door when not in use.
  • Pull-out pantry – ideal for smaller kitchens but also useful for storing things like spice jars and sauces.
  • Plenty of draws and cupboards to keep benches uncluttered.
  • Kickboard draws – can be the perfect space for keeping things like platters which are not commonly used but often a hassle to store in normal kitchen cupboards.
  • Pop-up appliance station – offers a brilliant way to keep your kitchen benches looking tidy The pop-up appliance station makes use of those hard to reach areas that are normally found in the backs of drawers by creating a station that electronically rises up from the kitchen benchtop at the touch of a button.

Wardrobe Storage Design

Clothing storage is often a frustration for those looking to renovate. Careful planning and design skill is required to get the best results here and to avoid a situation where your clothes are crammed in and getting creased.

For walk-in robes and standard built in robes as well, a golden rule is to allow hanging space for long and short items. Typically hanging space should be 2/3 shorts hanging 1/3 long hanging but this will very much depend on an individual’s clothing preferences.

Drawers are ideal for socks, underwear and other small items with open shelves for things like folded clothes, handbags etc. There are a number of ways to store shoes depending on the size and style of your walk-in robe (and the number of shoes you own). Shelves and racks are popular if space permits. Rotating shoe carousels are another option if you’re limited for space.

General Storage Considerations

Of course, storage options need to be considered beyond simply the scope of inside the home. Lawnmowers, hoses and other gardening equipment, as well as bikes, kayaks and other sporting equipment, should be housed in such a way that you are not tripping over them when trying to get to other things. Garages are best used for storing cars and not as warehouses for bats, racquets, balls and hoses.

Enough of the right type of storage spaces can keep normally cluttered spaces looking clean and spacious.

It is important that the storage design of your new home or renovation is based on your lifestyle using an access hierarchy that improves the overall liveability of your home. To assist with this, start to prepare a list of items that you use frequently and a list of items that need storage solutions that you use less frequently and then contact us to discuss your storage needs and let us help you come up with the perfect solution.

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