Granny Flat Designs

Granny Flat Designs

An architect designed granny flat by dion seminara architecture will complement your existing home, add value, maximise space & be a pleasure to live in.

Attached and detached

Granny Flat Designs

Granny flats are increasing in demand whether they be to house parents, grandparents, young adults or for specific purposes such as a home office or music room.

There are four main options for the provision of a new granny flat being:-

  1. A purpose built granny flat as a separate dwelling on your property
  2. An extension to your current home
  3. The conversion of space within your existing home and
  4. The use of a garage for a granny flat either the garage itself or a second-storey addition.

Space, Comfort and Style

Due to their size granny flats are best designed by an experienced architect as they present a challenge in terms of best optimisation of space, versatility, architectural style, functionality and storage and living space maximisation. This is particularly true for studio and one bedroom granny flat designs and also for conversion granny flat designs where space is very limited and even more applicable should you wish to avoid obtaining Council approval by having a granny flat no bigger than eighty square metres.

Design tips

Granny Flats

A small space always looks and feels bigger if there is plenty of natural light. Natural light does not have to mean a loss of privacy. Skylights and high placed windows provide a great source of natural light. Storage can be a problem with granny flats and clever internal architecture can help alleviate this problem by maximising every nook and cranny including recessed shelving, built in floor to ceiling cupboards and even attic storage and possibly a garden shed.

To maximise the enjoyment and pleasure of living in a granny flat, the granny flat design may include internal movable room dividers or internal opening and closing shutters to create the look and feel of space yet also giving the option of internal privacy and cosy nooks.

The current favoured open plan design and indoor-outdoor living are ideal for granny flat designs. By keeping division walls to a minimum and combining the inside with the outside a granny flat can be made to feel spacious and even as much as double in size.

A high ceiling too is very effective in creating a small space feel much bigger and reduced the potential of the occupant feeling cramped and boxed in which result from poor granny flat designs.

Granny flats

Architect Designed

Whatever option you choose, an architect designed granny flat with dion seminara architecture means:-

  • Your granny flat will be architecturally designed to complement and blend seamlessly with your existing home.
  • The granny flat will be custom designed specifically for its purpose, your needs and your lifestyle.  An architect designed granny flat allows you to specify the size of the dwelling, the rooms and also what facilities are needed.
  • Utilisation of space within your granny flat design will be optimal and the floor plan both functional and versatile.
  • You will maximise the resale value of this addition to your home.
  • If you so desire we can project manage your granny flat addition including Council submission (if required), tendering and managing the building process.

Dion Seminara, Principal Architect at dion seminara architecture also takes the following matters into consideration in granny flat designs:-

  • The orientation of the new dwelling, addition or extension.
  • Natural light.
  • Privacy including private entrance, outdoor living and screening if required.
  • Mobility issues (if relevant).
  • Prevailing breezes.
  • Indoor-outdoor flow.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Simply put a granny flat design created by dion seminara architecture will result in an addition, extension or conversion that is customised specifically for you and its surrounds, but more importantly will be functional and a pleasure to live in and look at.
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