Family Room Design Brisbane

Family Room Design

Creating a multi-function family room with individual activity zones, will give you a room that is practical, as well as comfortable.

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Family Room Design Brisbane

The concept of a “Family room” has changed over the years as electronics take up a greater portion of our lives. In the past, the family room typically had a television and possibly a stereo, today, these spaces often feature large screen TV’s, video games, bluetooth speakers, and even spaces for computers and laptops.

Looking forward we can see a time where computers and laptops are a thing of the past, replaced instead by mobile devices. That’s already occurring now to some extent. So the modern family room design is notably different from those of even 10 years ago. However, not everyone wants the family room to be a space where people’s eyes are glued to handheld screens. And with the right design from dion seminara architecture, it’s possible to create a space that promotes family interaction.

At a glance

The Keys to Great Family Room Designs

This is a key space within your home. As mentioned it should be one of the most used rooms in your home. It should have an appropriate connection with your kitchen, dining, and potentially, outdoor areas. To create a space that’s easy to move through, while maintaining comfort, it’s important that you engage the services of an architect that understands lifestyle design. At dion seminara architecture we specialise in designing spaces that suit people’s lifestyles.

  • Should be one of the most used rooms in the house. If it isn’t, then it hasn’t been well designed.
  • Furniture needs to be placed in such a way that it encourages connection and interaction.
  • Create a focal point that’s not based on electronic entertainment such as a television screen.
  • The focus should be on natural lighting during the day and suitable artificial lighting at night.
  • Furnishings should be comfortable and be inviting, creating a space that people won’t want to leave.
  • Connections to other parts of the home – particularly the kitchen – need to be considered and catered for
Define the purpose

Ideal design

To create the ideal family room design you need to be clear on how you want to use the space. As part of our design process, we look closely at your lifestyle goals to ensure that we understand how you want to use that space and then create a design that achieves your goals. How do you want to use this space? Do you want it to be the place where the family sits to watch television together? Is it a place for young children to play where you can keep an eye on them while you do other things? Or is it a place where you want family members to sit and talk and play games?


Promote interaction

Typically seating in most family rooms is focused on a television screen. But having everyone facing the same direction means they are not looking at each other; they are not making eye contact. No eye contact often results in no conversation which in many ways defeats the purpose of a ‘family’ room. But this can be changed by simply removing the focus from the television set by the placement of furniture within the room.

By arranging lounges and chairs so people are facing each other you increase the chances of dialogue occurring. This is further enhanced if seating is all of a similar height so nobody is left sitting in a lower, more submissive position.

Televisions do not need to be removed entirely from these rooms, but if you are looking for greater family connection it is advisable to not make the television the main feature of the room. Don’t place it in the centre of the main wall. Instead, consider placing it to one side of the wall and having something else as the main visual feature.


Family rooms designed with comfort in mind

Create a non electronic focal point

This room has both the open fireplace and the beautiful piano as items of visual interest. The charm of these items cannot be matched by any large screen television.

In a home cinema, the main focal point should be the screen and all seating should allow the best possible view of that screen. However, in a family room where the decision has been made that the focus will be on family connection, it is advisable to create a non-electronic visual feature.

Fireplaces, bookcases, aquarium’s or even beautiful pieces of art all work well as non-electronic focal points that give somewhere for your gaze to fall. These other features tend to be very relaxing, giving your mind a chance to unwind and escape the electronic bombardment that seems such an integral part of modern life.

By creating a non-electronic focal point you will find that conversation flows more easily and people within that space tend to be more relaxed, which in turn helps to get them to open up and gets the conversation flowing.

Choose the right lighting

Choosing the right lighting can make a room more inviting, particularly if that lighting is natural. You will no doubt have gathered by now that a warm and inviting space brings the family together. This can further be enhanced by choosing warm and inviting lighting.

The amount of light will depend on the activity within the room and the company you are sharing it with. If you are playing board games with your children you will want more light than you would if you were intimately snuggled up in the arms of the one that you love. With this in mind, it’s important that your lighting is not only warm rather than cold, but also that you have the flexibility to control the amount of lighting in the room.

If the room has a reading chair that chair may have its own reading lamp. The walls may have feature lighting while the ceiling of the room may contain the main lighting source for when more light is required. The lighting in the room can really change the mood and can turn an average room into a place of love, safety and comfort.

Comfort is important

Comfortable seating is a must for any great family room. A family room is meant to be a comfortable place to spend time so the choice of furniture is very important. And it’s for this reason that we offer an interior design service in addition to our architectural design so that the room’s full potential can be realised.

Comfortable furniture, lounges and chairs that feel soft and yet offer sufficient support are vital if you want people to spend time in this space. Furniture must also visually suit the theme of the room.

Your family room should feel cosy without feeling cramped. You should feel connected but still with sufficient personal space. Keep in mind that this space might not only be used by the family. A well-designed family room is also a great space to spend time chatting with friends.

Avoiding mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes when planning the ultimate family room. I have seen people who believed they knew how to design fail badly, creating a room that was uncomfortable, uninviting and in some cases downright unusable.

A well-designed family room can really set a home apart. It’s the place where memories are created, the space that always makes you feel safe and loved. But it’s all too easy to make mistakes.

Creating a multi-function family room with individual activity zones will give you a room that is practical as well as comfortable. Make this a priority if you are building a new home or if you’re considering doing a renovation to your existing home. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the ultimate family room design.

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