Brisbane Bathroom Designs

Brisbane Bathroom Design

If you want a great Brisbane bathroom design you’ve come to the right place. dion seminara architecture are experts in creating stunning bathroom designs.


Bathroom Designs

The modern Brisbane bathroom design has gone from being that little thought about space that houses the shower to a showpiece of the home. Today fixtures, fittings and finishes have been refined to the point that they almost look like works of art.

Our bathrooms have become a place where we can escape our hectic lives and take the time to unwind. But creating a bathroom that is both stunning and functional you need the design talents of Dion Seminara Architecture.

Do you really need an architect?

Designing Your Bathroom

This very much depends on the size of your overall project. If you’ve got a small bathroom and you’re just looking to give it a makeover with some new vanities and a coat of paint then the answer is – no you don’t need an architect.

However, if you want to redesign the layout of your bathroom to give you more space or it’s part of a larger overall project, then yes you definitely need to contact dion seminara architecture. We can make any size bathroom seem spacious.

As architects, we are specialists at making small spaces seem bigger. We create designs that suit your lifestyle. So instead of just sticking a vanity along a wall, we consider how many people will use the space, how will you use the space, what do you need to store, how will it work with the overall home as a whole. By getting the answers to these questions and then applying our design skills we are able to create stunning bathroom designs that perfectly suit your needs.

At a glance

Keys to Brisbane Bathroom Design

With the right design your bathroom can give your home a visual ‘wow’ factor. Brisbane bathrooms need to be designed with adequate ventilation due to the humid nature of bathrooms and our sub-tropical climate. Your bathroom will also benefit from natural light. Natural light and air-flow will keep your bathroom dry and healthy.

  • Bathroom layouts should allow ease of movement. Great bathroom designs can make even small bathrooms feel spacious.
  • There needs to be adequate storage so vanity tops are left looking clean and uncluttered.
  • Your bathroom can have a WOW factor yet still look part of the overall home.
  • Consider finishes that look great and are easy to clean.
Modern homes

Type of Bathroom Designs

Modern homes typically feature a bathroom and ensuite, with some double story homes often featuring a third bathroom. In the average home the ensuite and bathroom serve different roles and as such they need to be approached differently from a design perspective.

Types of Bathrooms


More than simply functional your ensuite should make you feel pampered. This is actually where YOU will be spending most of your time, so it’s arguably the most important bathroom in the home.

Ensuites are no longer simply a shower and toilet. They are now seen as a place to unwind and rejuvenate. To assist with this, ensuites are becoming larger with higher quality fittings. Powerful shower heads and massaging spa baths are almost an expected feature in these rooms, with twin vanities often considered a necessity. A spacious, well-appointed ensuite can really enhance the overall liveability of your home.

Family Bathroom

The family bathroom typically caters for children and any guests. Over the years these bathrooms have tended to become smaller and more practical, although careful attention to design is still required as it is this bathroom which will be seen by visitors. If you have small children you might want to allow for floor space beside the bathtub for kneeling, and non-slip tiles given the amount of water bathing children can displace.

Whilst it is tempting to go for colourful tiles and wall colours for younger children, it’s really not necessary as colour and fun can be added through your choice of towels, bathmats and even curtains, allowing you to switch from kids fun to more formal without needing a major makeover.

Wet Bathrooms

Wet bathrooms are growing in popularity. The key is in the quality of the design. Wet bathrooms are a growing trend in Australian home designs and with good reason. Their simplicity and lack of clutter – not to mention ease of cleaning – make them a stunning addition to any home.

Essentially a wet room has a shower but no shower base and no shower screen. The water simply falls to the floor which slopes into the drain.

Quality design is critical in a wet room. The key to the visual success of this style of bathroom is simplicity. It is very important that sleek, uncomplicated lines are maintained. Hidden storage can enhance this effect, where recessed draws and cupboards sit in line with the wall.

From a practical point of view attention to waterproofing is very important. Unlike a traditional bathroom where a shower screen will stop deflected water travelling too far, as the name suggests in a wet room things can get very wet. But with the right design, you would be surprised just how contained this overspray can be.

Multi-facted Design

A bathroom can cater for more than one person at a time which is an important consideration for couples needing to get ready together. Design consideration should be given to zoning within any bathroom space, allowing the relationship between zones to be appropriate. A well ‘zoned’ bathroom allows for ease of movement within the space by more than one individual, allowing them to go about their task in comfort.

Zones that need to be considered in the design of any bathroom include the shower/bath zone, basin zone and wc/basin zone. Positioning and the relative relationship of these interconnecting zones can often be the difference between a bathroom that feels cramped and uncomfortable or one that feels spacious, open and inviting.

Bathroom Essentials

Complementary Fittings

A well-appointed bathroom is one where fittings such as towel rails, toilet roll holders, clothes hooks and soap holders are designed to co-exist with tapware. Fittings should complement each rather than compete.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an increasingly popular option in colder climates, although there’s not as much demand for it in Brisbane. Instead, here we find ventilation and air circulation to be more pressing. Louvred windows that capture passing breezes in conjunction with powerful exhaust fans, can help remove any excess humidity from the room making it more pleasant in summer.

Adequate Storage

Adequate bathroom storage is the difference between the space looking beautiful or looking cluttered. Storage is, of course, a major consideration in any Brisbane bathroom design. The bathroom – and in particular the ensuite – is meant to be a place of peace and tranquillity and it’s hard to feel relaxed in a room that is messy or cluttered. The design of your bathroom should ensure that there is ample storage space for toiletries, towels and clothing. An understanding of how people use and move through these spaces is also essential when designing your bathroom areas.

Small Spaces

If you only have a small space to work with, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it’s not big enough to involve an architect. It’s often in the smallest spaces that we do our best work. As architects, we can help you maximise floor space and storage areas whilst still managing to fit everything you need in a way that doesn’t make you feel cramped or claustrophobic. Whether you’re renovating, building new or simply looking at overhauling your bathroom contact us today and let us show you how to create the ideal Brisbane bathroom design for your needs.

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