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Yamba Home Renovation

Street-scape enhancements

Yamba Home Renovation

This Yamba home renovation included alterations and additions to a brick home to create a lifestyle changing paradise for our clients.
External front yard and front of the home

By enhancing the street appeal the home will be modernised in line with the proposed internal and rear works. This will create a sense of balance to the Yamba home renovation and if the property is to be sold these changes will foster a far improved return.

Our Yamba home renovation design includes the incorporation of a front fence and gatehouse with possible intercom. However, this fence should weave in and out and have landscaping on both sides.

Additionally, this fence should not be too tall and must be a see-through style for at least three-quarters of its length. A path from the pedestrian gate and possible gatehouse will extend to the front door. For ease of access, a driveway with remote controlled gates across will provide a wide frontage.

All of the existing landscaping should be redefined so it can maximise the available space in the front yard. In conclusion, landscaping should be carefully considered to provide balance to the front yard. As well as defining views of the street and the water which remain available at present. The gable roof element will be removed as it is artificial.

Street-scape enhancements Cont.

In addition, the colonial finals and battening would also be removed. Our design focus is on contemporary refinement without being too stylised. To improve the look of the home, the tiled roof will be replaced with a metal roof. Windows at the front of the home should be replaced with louvre windows that open fully

The front of the home has the best climatic aspect and also has views of the street and the water. An intimate seating area under this shelter will provide our clients with a secondary relaxation area.

Another option is to have the front of the entertainment room open out, fostering a connection with the front yard and taking advantage of the existing opportunities on this side of the home.

Design details

External back and backyard

On the rear elevation of the home, a new door and window configurations will be included along with shutter and Venetian controls and sunshades. The retaining wall immediately outside of the home will be rebuilt as one wall just inside of the revetment wall.

This wall could meander in and out (like the front fence) to provide storage solutions, canal side seating and landscaping opportunities.

Yamba home renovation’s retaining areas beyond the boat ramp to the west would be retained and landscaped between the two levels of the wall. A screening device should be used on the eastern or western side of the boat ramp to hide the services areas of the yard.

The jetty can be relocated if needed. We will reduce the grandeur of the stair leading to the boat, potentially relocating this stair as it aligns more with the rear garage door.

In this way, we will end up with a lot more space in the immediate backyard. A veggie patch could be located on the south-western corner as this will pick up good sunlight from the north. Landscaping can be used to screen out the future neighbour to the west and this will also help shade the home from the harsh summer sun.

Project details

Improved internal spaces

Soft Landscape (planting)

Given the nature of the front yard and backyard, it’s possible to establish semi-tropical low maintenance gardens around the home.


The front doors themselves could be altered with a sidelight included in louvres with security. As this would be a good source of air flow into the living areas. Additionally, the front door itself could be timber framed translucent glass to also enhance light levels within the home.


The front room closest to the front door can be converted to this space. I recommended relocating the door to this room off the internal corridor between this room and the living room. After that, locating the door as close as possible to the entry.

Kitchen, dining and living spaces

The Yamba home renovation kitchen will be relocated to the south-west end of the current dining space. The hexagonal back wall of the home will be reshaped and squared off. And so, we recommended a galley style for the kitchen with island bench. The back wall of the kitchen will then run along the western wall of the garage.

The kitchen would include at least 2m of appliance and 2m of a pantry. And additionally, at least 2m of free island bench space. The kitchen will also include gas oven and hotplates.

The dining space will be relocated to directly in front of the new kitchen. Because of this, we will allow for a min of 6 to 8 to be seated at the dining table. The living room will remain in its current location. The wall separating the living room from the entry will be altered to create a larger living area with a regular shape.

Kitchen, dining and living spaces (cont).

Again we will allow for at least 6 people to be seated in the living room. We will include for TV in the living space with visibility of this TV from the kitchen.

To create an improved ceiling height and to take advantage of the climatic opportunities which exist at the front of the home, I recommended that the ceiling over this entire area including the main bedroom be elevated to at least 1.5 to 2 storeys above the floor of the home. Essentially the step in rooflines will be along the current homes ridgeline in the roof.

This change will mean louvre windows can be located along the ridgelines new wall face. As a result, allowing a tremendous amount of light and air flow in to circulate. Which will circulate through the important living and sleeping areas of the home. And this is due to improved solar access from the north-east.

Architectural style

Further information

Possible Indoor, outdoor space or pure outdoor space

This will be located under the same new 1.5 to 2-storey new roof. Additionally, will be in place of the existing patio. This space will probably either have stacker sliding doors with bi-folding shutters to the outside or just shutters. As well as a large overhang to the south for rain protection.

Powder room

A new powder room will be located at the end of the kitchen. Located off the new hallway leading through to the garage door.


A new laundry will also be located at the northern end of the kitchen and on the northern end of a new hallway leading to the garage. This space will have lots of storage bench space. Similarly, like the fit out of the kitchen and 2 laundry bowls. Access to the clothesline will end up via the garage.


If this is needed this could be located on the northern end of the kitchen. As well as beside the powder room and the garage.

Main bedroom, ensuite and robe

The hexagonal back wall of the current main bedroom will be reshaped and squared off. Because of this, this space will also be located under the high 1.5 to 2-storey new roof and again this space will benefit from the new high-level windows orientated to the north-east.

The laundry could be relocated to beside the kitchen and so will give the improved access to the drying area and rotary hoist. The rotary hoist would be located on the western side of the home. In conclusion, with this relocation, the ensuite and robe could be re-planned to take up this extra space.

Secondary living area/ entertainment room.

This will be increased in size as a result of the relocation of the kitchen. As mentioned above the windows of this room could be replaced with louvres. Or replace with a door system as to allow the living area to connect with the front yard. Resulting in just as much as the backyard areas of the home.


For more storage options currently available in the house and garage I recommended the incorporation of new cupboards. Located down all new and existing corridors. And so, particularly with the re-definement of the living space wall ,a storage cupboard could be included here and the robe to what the plan to have as a study can be reversed into the hallway.

Suburb history

Yamba architecture

Yamba is situated in northern New South Wales. And is a town with a long history as far as a European settlement goes. Matthew Flinders landed there in 1799 but thought it too dangerous. However, in the 1860’s the timber industry began, along with fishing and sugar cane. In conclusion, it is now a tourist destination.

Homes tend to be seaside apartments or modern and luxury homes. Often bought up by people wishing to escape to the sea for a better lifestyle.

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