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Wynnum Queenslander Renovation

Design concept

Wynnum Queenslander Renovation

This Wynnum Queenslander renovation included enhancing the beautiful character of the home. As a whole, this involved improving the interior layout to accommodate the entire family. While so creating flow throughout the home. Then, as a result, to increase natural cooling in summer.

Project details

Ground floor

The existing driveway was impacting on the desired cottage feeling. Therefore, the driveway was relocated to the western end of the front yard. And a courtyard to be put in its place. In addition, a new entry path will provide an inviting walk to the front entry stair.

The beautiful Jacaranda and tulip wood trees are to be maintained. Located in the front yard as well as the current front fence. A separate path to access our client’s consulting room would be fenced off from the remainder of the frontyard. This is to ensure visitors have a direct route and avoid private spaces.

The western side of the ground floor would house 4 additional bedrooms and a bathroom. A storage room and utility room will be close to the car accommodation. This is for easy access to the home upon arrival. A laundry with clothes sorting bench and plenty of linen storage would be on the western face. Allowing for direct access to a covered area and the clothesline.

An entertainment/TV room on the ground floor will have direct access to the backyard. As a result, providing a secure space for children. Allowing them to play hidden from the consulting room and visitor access path.

Internal layout

First floor

The existing enclosed verandah will stay much the same. However, the front casements would be altered. To then become full height bi-folding and/or louvre window combinations. This would also apply for some of the side verandah. Enhancements to the formal entry corridor would include relocating doors into the main bathroom and music/library room.

The music/library room will be created from the existing TV/living space. Similarly, plantation shutters in sliding format will be used to screen off this area from the remaining areas.

The living area will become centralised. Located between this new music room and the existing kitchen space.

The existing kitchen space will be converted to a multi-purpose dining and children’s homework, sewing area. A wide horizontal window would be added to the southern end of this room. Along with other windows so this space would have an indoor/outdoor feeling. This space could also house a slow combustion fireplace. As a result of being on the south; it will be cool in winter.

After that, a new kitchen will be included in this Wynnum Queenslander renovation. Located on the south-west end of the house. The walls separating this space from the central hall and the proposed multi-purpose dining/study space will be partially removed to substantially open the area.

Finally, a large new deck of would be added with protection from the harsh southwest. A space for a bbq will be added and this space will have a direct connection to the central hall and kitchen.

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