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Taringa Colonial Home Renovation

Design philosophy

Taringa Colonial Home Renovation

This Taringa family had outgrown their traditional home. Because of this, they were seeking additional space. This includes living areas, bedrooms, study area as well as the bathroom.

The family also wanted an outdoor area suitable for entertaining. The design philosophy provided revolved around creating a liveable environment for the family. For now and also for their needs in the future.

Project scope

Colonial Renovation Design

An open plan living area was created within the design. This was achieved by relocating the kitchen. The relocation of the kitchen meant that the new living room would capture the light and airflow. The house obtains both from the north-east.

An extension to the roof lines was also incorporated. This is to cater for the outdoor dining.

Furthermore, the roof line was designed to extend across part of the kitchen and bbq. Consequently, to increase the light levels into the dining room and kitchen area. As well as the outdoor area itself.

A second roof line design was also recommended for over the front balcony. This is to further help improve light levels and create a new streetscape appeal.

Project scope

Colonial Renovation Design (Cont.)

Due to the re-design, the current main living area would become a secondary living area. This would be separated from the new main living area. Which is achieved by timber-framed obscure glass doors. The design also allowed for the proposed new entertainment area to be converted to a study area. And for the new study to become the TV/entertainment area. This is beneficial for when the children were older.

To facilitate the extra bedrooms, bathroom, study and laundry a new pavilion addition was designed. To cater for clothes drying a covered drying area was included in the design. As a result, this is to occupy the most western area. Which is located under the planned new first floor areas.

As regards outdoor space the design provided for a large courtyard styled space. As a result, replacing the uneven backyard. So as to give the children somewhere to play outside for many years to come.

A second stage was also designed for the Taringa colonial home renovation. This stage recommended the main bathroom was converted into an ensuite. Additionally, a powder room was to be added.

An internal staircase, new double garage were also recommended. And finally, the roof of the garage was identified as designed as a new balcony area.

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