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Norman Park Renovation


Norman Park Renovation

A new carport, internal renovations, streetscape improvements and an outdoor entertaining area are some of the alterations in this Norman Park renovation that add value to the home. A much needed double carport will be located in the south west corner of the frontyard and in character with the existing home. A new front fence will provide a hint of contemporary styling to relate to the interior of the home and will gracefully step down the slope of the footpath.

Within this fence would be located a gate house which would connect the front path with the landscaped front yard.

The new entry would be created down the northern side of the house with the front door visible from the street. The new front path may have, in part a formal pergola structure over it, with opportunity for Jasmine or the like to grow over it. Hedged bushes can also provide privacy to the western or eastern side of this path.

The backyard will house a lap pool with wading area, located on the western side of the backyard away from the fully grown trees. This location will also maximise the amount of sunlight the pool will receive and provide a greater opportunity for the home to open out to the backyard without being cut off by a pool enclosure.

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Interior Design Details

The home will have a prettiness and will nurture the classic style mixing this with contemporary outcomes for modern day living. Surrounding verandah spaces appropriately located will soften large areas of wall and provide contrast between light and shade on the external walls.

This will be particularly useful on the western side of the home, where a verandah deck would generally never be utilised but effectively reduces the heat load on the external walls.

The ground floor of this Norman Park renovation will house an adult’s lounge and a play room. The play room will open into a wide hallway and is a good spot for craft activity and storage of toys, with easy connection to the main living areas. A new addition with a Hampton feel would be created to the back of the existing house. “Hampton Style” means the interior will have a homely feel including book cases, niches, coffered ceilings with boxed in grids to provide variety and interest. The internal kitchen will have an overall square shape wrapping around a very wide island bench with stool seating.

On the first floor a large main bedroom suite will be created overviewing the backyard and pool area below. This new suite will be located at the back of the existing house and will be separated from the ensuite zone through the use of in-wall wide cavity sliding doors.

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