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Morningside Home Renovation


Morningside Home Renovation

This Morningside home renovation included modernising the front and rear of the home, with improved internal layouts and a new indoor/outdoor space and spa for easy entertaining. The front of the house changes will include a new fence and gates across driveways, with a new pedestrian entry path and gatehouse.

New tropical landscaping, removal of the arched window, new roof sheeting to replace the tiles will provide an improved streetscape appeal and give the home a new look and feel.

For the ground floor of this Morningside home renovation we will relocate the study door to the living side of the space to maximise natural ventilation into this area. A new corner built-in desk and purpose designed shelving will be established in this space.

The main bedroom ensuite’s door will be relocated to come off the existing robe so that there is no direct view from the bedroom into the ensuite. The ensuite is to be renovated with a spa added into the space. The walk-in-robe is to be refurbished with extra space from the study into an efficient and well-designed space for maximum facility.

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A new utility space will be added in lieu of the dining room with large sliding doors allowing this space to be opened up to the kitchen so this area can be used interactively with the other working areas of the home. A new indoor/outdoor addition is to be added to the back of the home in place of the existing terrace. This space will interactively work with the current kitchen space. The terrace roof will have a high level roof with high level windows on the west so first floor spaces can look into the indoor-outdoor room from above. This indoor/outdoor space will be able to cope with at least 40 people and will flow out into the backyard.

The first floor amendments in this Morningside home renovation include the removal of the arched window at the front of the house. We will expand the internal hallway by utilising the extra space as a result of reconfiguring the bathroom. There will be renovations to all the first floor bedrooms including new flooring, light fittings, door handles and new paint. A skylight added to the hallway will allow natural light to enter the first floor.

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A new shed in the south-east corner of the backyard will be hidden by foliage on the north as well as a screen fence to fully contain this space from front to back. Inside the shed will be a small studio style apartment and storage area with roller door access on the western end. A separate access from the street along the southern boundary to the new shed and accommodation will allow privacy for staying guests.

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