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Hendra Queenslander Renovation

Architectural style

Hendra Queenslander Renovation

This Hendra Queenslander renovation aims to create a state of the art walk in robe, well-connected kitchen and deck and a modern house still in keeping with the era of the house but with increased security. Improved areas for entertaining, parties and family gatherings are also important.

Streetscape aesthetic appeal/ front yard

In order to retain maximum value, the street appearance and appeal of the Hendra Queenslander renovation property must be maintained and enhanced where possible. The driveway may need to be relocated and in so doing the front of the home will change. It is my role to maintain the character of the home with these changes. Securing the front of the yard from the street and creating gatehouses and the like with intercom control is one means to increase security. Landscaping is extremely important for this Hendra Queenslander renovation. This should be used to enhance and provide distinction to the front of the home. Upgrading of what garden exists is needed on the fence line both inside and outside of the front fence to privatise the home and provide a filtered view of the street.

The Hendra Queenslander renovation clients’ home must respond to the climate and take advantage of our climate, which is very important for a naturally cooled home in summer and a warm home in winter and a light and airy house all year round.

Project details

Backyard & Side Areas

The Hendra Queenslander renovation pool could be removed altogether or reduced in size. A reduction in the scale of the pool might be best and upgrading this structure altogether, alternatively it could be removed as long as access is maintained so someone else in the future can put one in. The pool does provide a visual interest in the backyard and would be good if grandchildren should one day be on the scene.

However, if the pool is maintained in some format the surround coping will need a full upgrade and pool fencing will need to be sorted out to fit, in a stylish format. The northern side garden definitely needs to be enhanced to screen out the large roof visible from the northern verandah and from within the backyard. The backyard itself already has a good canopy of trees. These need to be further enhanced with low maintenance landscaping to fill the space and create a resort style of an atmosphere.

Further information

Hendra architecture

Ground floor

The ground floor was put together in a very makeshift way. I consider this to be the cause of most of the creaks apart from poor seals on windows and doors. In addition, water has entered the ground floor due to the surrounding land being higher than the ground floor slab.

All retaining walls need to be pulled away from the outside wall lines of your house. In addition, the ground floor slab is not legal and needs to be lifted in height. Subject to the real height available under the house, the house may need to be raised, if there is actually insufficient height. I would prefer to reshape the ground around the house and maintain its current height out front, however by raising security is also improved. A survey of the Hendra Queenslander renovation site levels will determine what is needed.

Knocking out the entire ground floor and limiting the new space to be developed under the house to the essentials of an entertainment room, possible guest room, laundry, bathroom and internal stair plus double garage is also an option. The remainder of the Hendra Queenslander renovation house could be storage and future development area for future owners.

I would locate the internal stair on the south side so it would be located to align centrally with the first-floor living areas (but not accessed off these areas). The internal stair should have direct access to outside. The laundry does not need to be anywhere near as large as it currently is. The laundry needs to be in easy access to the internal stair and in easy access to a drying space.

First Floor

To maintain the value of the Hendra Queenslander renovation clients’ home at least 3 bedrooms need to be maintained over one level. One of the rooms could be converted to a study space for a second study area. If another study is needed this could also be incorporated on the southern verandah. A new main bathroom will also need to be established either in place of one of the existing bedrooms or on this northern deck, this needs to be confirmed.

I would recommend adding an additional bedroom space onto the back end of the house. The rear of the house has the best aspect, therefore, I would recommend this space becoming the main bedroom. It can have a nice homely feeling like your current bedroom if you like in a contemporary or character style and it can also have a lavish ensuite and well-appointed robe as part of a suite arrangement directly to the south and east of the current kitchen.

This new addition can be in character or have its own contemporary character. What is most important is that it needs to sit in a new garden with upgraded pool area in a resort style of setting. The focus of the kitchen should be to the backyard. The kitchen should have direct access to the deck and informal meals area and/or your internal dining space.

A better connection could be given to the internal dining room with the option of screening off this connection so there is limited to no sound transmission between these two living areas and the other bedroom spaces so they can be used as separate living spaces as needed.

The entire front verandah needs to be secured. This might include fixed lattice panels or the like or could include bi-folding lockable shutters on the inside of the balustrade. A new internal stair needs to be located on this southern verandah through to the ground floor.

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Hendra History and Architecture

Hendra is about six kilometres north-east of the Brisbane city centre. It used to be a farming area with citrus fruits and dairy. and is now home to many restaurants and cafes.
Hendra has large to very large modern homes along with older homes ripe for renovation.

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