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Hawthorne Queenslander Contemporary Renovation


Hawthorne Queenslander Contemporary Renovation

The overall direction of this Hawthorne Queenslander contemporary renovation was to improve vehicular access to the property, improving light and airflow in the home, and building a contemporary extension at the rear of the property.

To ensure the two differing home styles fit together, hints of contemporary elements will be included in the redevelopment of the front yard to match the contemporary extension at the rear of the home. On the street alignment a new fence will be established. This fence will be a combination of materials and given the slope of the property, it will step down the slope. A gate house will be incorporated in the fence line for improved pedestrian entry.

As a result of the hill there is a significant blind spot when exiting the driveway, therefore we will cut in the car accommodation to partially barrier it into the side for the hill. This will allow cars to reverse within the driveway and drive out in a forward direction, there will be no need for a circular driveway or Porte-Cochere. The pedestrian entry with gatehouse will sit on top of the cut-in garage. The family boat and trailer will be parked on the right hand side of the drive, with its own carport roof. With this changed car accommodation, there is now direct access from the garage to the laundry and mud room.

Project details

First floor alterations

The interiors of the home are to have a refined classic style playing on the traditional character charm of the existing home. All period elements are to be retained, with the general feel to be cape cod, beach, white and heavenly. The home is to have simple, refined clean lines with a homely beautiful and peaceful feeling throughout. A large rear deck directly out from the kitchen will have protection from the western sun and a roof orientated to maximise the north-east aspect. The balustrade and detailing of the new deck will be of a contemporary nature to maximise views and limit maintenance.

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Ground floor and backyard

The new ground floor’s interior walls and ceilings will be streamlined modern (plasterboard finish and/or mix of concrete and timber look) to reflect the rear look and feel of the back of the home. The floors will be polished concrete with carpet under the billiards table and in other areas where we want to absorb unwanted sounds. The approach to the backyard will be very different to the front of the home, given the change in styles.

The backyard will have a contemporary feel with subtropical overtones. The materials chosen include glass, expressed steel structure, timber and possibly aluminium panelling for a sleek and stylish feel with some weatherboard to tie in the original character of the Queenslander home.

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