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Gordon Park 1930s Home Renovation

Renovation purpose

Gordon Park 1930s Home Renovation

This Gordon Park 1930s home renovation needed to provide a larger amount of living space for the owners and their growing family. There were several main goals for this Gordon Park 1930s home renovation which included:-

  • Improving  and enhancing the streetscape of the property
  • Improvements to the bathroom and kitchen
  • Providing better linkage between the outdoor living space
  • The addition of living areas in the ground floor area.

As for most designs that I do, the design philosophy of the design solution that I create revolves around creating a livable environment for the family both currently (as described by them) and in the future.  Thus the design solution would ensure that the house has the capacity to evolve with the family as their lifestyle needs evolve too.

Two Gordon Park 1930s home renovation design options were created and presented to the homeowners.

Architectural style

Option One

The first option that I designed was a more traditional design outcome with the recommendation that the house is raised and areas built into the ground floor. The owners of the home currently used an area under the home for car parking as it provided shade and weather protection. With the home being raised and built in the owners would need somewhere else to park their vehicles and the design solutions for this was a carport to be incorporated at the side of the house.

Architectural style

Option Two

The second design option provided better links with the garden as instead of recommended raising the house a new pavilion-style addition was proposed to be built in the backyard.  This meant that the existing under house could be continued to be used for car accommodation and no additional carport was required.  The advantage of this option was that there was no need to replace the retaining walls and that there would be limited changes to the ground floor with only levelling and slightly lowering the slab necessary.

Project Number: 060503

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