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Case Study: Carina Heights New Luxury Home Design

Project Brief

Our client was a large extended Italian family with a least 8 family member inhabiting their family home. The client for this project came to us seeking architecturally designed renovations for his family home. A home that had been in the family for over 40 years and in which the client himself had lived in for 25 years.

Consultation with the client revealed that the design for the home needed to incorporate elements and address constraints beyond the norm . After much deliberation it was decided the requirements for the family home were beyond the practical potential of renovating the existing family home and that a new home design was a much better option.

Fortunately, the client owned the block adjoining the lot upon which the current family home was occupied. A decision was made to keep the home that had served them well in the past but to relocate it to the vacant block. This then freed up the existing block for a new architecturally designed home that would prove to be far superior in meeting the needs and requirements that the client and family had specified.

The philosophy of the design was to fulfil the family requirements with as little as possible impact upon the environment through re-use and sustainability practises.

Project Design

This Carina Heights new luxury home design was intended to serve both the current and future generations of the family by being flexible enough to meet their ever-changing needs and to stand the test of time in terms of both functionality and style. Accommodating more than a traditional nuclear family, this Carina Heights new luxury home design needed to house extended family members together under the one roof.

Across three levels, this home encompasses three large bedrooms complete with ensuites and a master bedroom suite with expansive ensuite, ‘his and hers’ wardrobes, and a private study.

The expansive main kitchen, dining and outdoor areas can comfortably cater for more than 28 people. A separate kitchenette contributes to the additional living zone and provides a private sanctuary for extended family to reside on the upper floor.

This environmentally responsible and technologically advanced home enhances the current streetscape and the suburb, providing a luxurious family living.

Project Number 120502

Project Results

2 years post completion of the project we sent a brief survey to the client to review the improvements this home has made to some key areas of their lifestyle. Our client reported a 20% increase in lifestyle comfort in their new home. In terms of safety and security our client reported a 20% increase in feeling safe and secure in their new home, compared to their previous home next door!

Regarding the new home’s design, our clients felt a 40% increase in feeling like there was a place for everything in their home, and a 30% improvement in workable spaces inside and outside the home. Overall, our client felt a 20% improvement on the home’s design from the old home.

Compared to their previous home, our client reported a 30% increase in light and breeze in summer, and a 30% improvement in warmth in winter. Since the completion of the project our client feels like their new home has added 20% to their wealth, both personally and financially.

Overall our client has experienced a 20% increase in their happiness in their home since undertaking the mammoth project that was their new long-term family home.

This project won the 2016 ArChdes Residential Architecture Award.

Client Testimonial

You will not be disappointed Dion and staff will make all your dreams come true. All of ours thoughts, desire and wish list where incorporate from conception, construction , project management money well spent

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