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Carina Home Renovation


Carina Renovation Design

This Carina Renovation involved significant alterations and additions to the existing home’s interior and exterior. It was particularly important to our client that we open up the home and create excellent flow and linkages between the internal zones and outdoor entertaining areas. We, therefore, tailored our designs to ensure that the property truly reflected the lifestyle needs of our clients.

In order to maximise the street appeal of the property, we proposed a number of changes to the outside of the home. A carefully curated garden and new entry path will lead visitors through the property to the new front door. This path will wrap around the new carport and will also be covered by a new extension to the carport roof.

Internally, the front face of the master bedroom will be extended towards the street. A new first floor will also be constructed, and a number of changes will be made to the current garage, roof, fencing, and landscaping. Collectively these features will dramatically enhance the overall aesthetic of the property.

A new terrace will also be created to the north of a newly constructed playroom/entertainment room.  This versatile living area will connect the playroom/entertainment room with the existing dining room and will, therefore, open up the flow between these two areas.

Project details

Ground floor

We will relocate the home’s entrance. It will be situated between the current living and new carport areas. To one side of this new entry, we will construct a new internal staircase that will lead up to the future main bedroom. This room will, however, be used by our client as an office and extra storage space.

The current garage will be demolished and rebuilt as a contemporary playroom/entertainment area.

Our designs for the ground floor centre around creating open-plan living areas and blurring of the divide between indoor and outdoor living. A new covered outdoor area will, therefore, be constructed to allow flow directly off the current dining space to the new playroom/entertainment room. We will also remodel the kitchen to incorporate a new open breakfast bar for the family to enjoy in the morning. This whole area will be opened up with new bi-folding doors and some strip louvres windows to further reinforce the indoor/outdoor home experience of our clients. These spaces are perfect for alfresco entertaining and relaxing without any direct exposure to the elements.

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First floor

We will construct a new first-floor addition to the home which will feature a large main bedroom area, large ensuite, large shower, double basin, and large walk-in robe.

In order to make the home more eco-friendly, this new floor will be tailored to enhance the property’s passive climate control. More specifically, the extension will have a great north-east aspect and will boast large full-height windows. Not only will these features bathe the floor in natural light, but it will also open the space up to cooling summer breezes

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