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Carina Home Renovation

Unique architectural home

Carina Home Renovation

This Carina home renovation included a number of modifications to the property. In addition to streetscape enhancements, the property now boasts a free moving floorplan and spacious interior architecture with high ceilings and open plan living spaces bathed in natural light.

Wood finishes, large sliding stacker doors, and a fusion of indoor/outdoor living spaces throughout the home create the ideal living space that is both cosy and open.

Today Carina Architecture varies significantly from large blocks to workers cottages and luxury new townhouses. Land in Carina was first purchased back in 1863 and was mostly used for timber and sugar cane farming. Most of the residential development in the Carina area occurred post World War II. During this time many housing commission and war service homes built in the area. Because Carina is relatively affordable and close to Brisbane it is now undergoing significant redevelopment because it has become a popular suburb for new families.

Carina is now undergoing rejuvenation and is a popular suburb for families being relatively close the Brisbane City and more affordable than most of the neighbouring suburbs to the west.

Project Number: 140701

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