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Carina Heights Home Renovation


Carina Heights Home Renovation

This Carina Heights home renovation included an updating and modernisation of the home, as the new home for our clients was built next door. The home was slid across from the adjoining block and re-stumped to make way for the new home, which you can view here.

Renovation works

Design concept

This renovation project took four months to complete and consisted of reconstructing the existing first-floor deck and expanding the existing back deck at the rear of the property, including new balustrading.

At the front of the home, we added a new single garage and carport, plus a new entry deck and gatehouse. Internally two bathrooms were refurbished using Lumin 3mm porcelain large format tiling which went straight over the top of the existing tiling. A new external paint job, front fence, gates and landscaping were included to finish off the house.

Carina Heights History and Architecture

Carina Heights is named after the neighbouring suburb Carina, from which it officially separated in 1975. Carina took its name from an estate on Creek Road constructed in the 1850s. The property belonged to Ebenezer Thorne and was itself named after Thorne’s daughter Kate Carina. Carina Heights is a mixture of 1935 to 1955 homes, a predominantly post-war suburb.

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