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Bulimba Queenslander Renovation Design


Bulimba Queenslander Renovation

This Bulimba Queenslander renovation included improving the aesthetic appeal of the existing home, fixing potential flooding issues, and renovating the interiors to match our client’s lifestyle. As a result of the flooding potential, the ground floor will be raised slightly above the natural ground level.

This will also give the home a feeling of greater presence on the corner position and provide a nice lookout from the ground floor.

A new fence wrapping around the street frontages and stylish native and hedged styled planting will add to the home’s streetscape appeal. The fences to the backyard area will be private and child-friendly, and the landscaping will be used to enhance both sides of the fence out onto the footpath and pedestrian entry point. Moving through the gate the garden will open around visitors with a path leading them through to the new front door.

Interior design

Project details

The new main living/dining/kitchen area will have a Hampton look and feel and at the same time not be too modern. The kitchen will therefore have panelled doors, a light/white style with a feature marble top on a large island bench. The kitchen will have a good connection with the deck/terrace area to ensure easy entertaining.

On the first floor of the Bulimba Queenslander renovation we will substantially recycle the existing house. The current kitchen will become the main bedroom with new ensuite and robe added as an addition, extended out from the western wall face. The windows will have external screening as a result of the eastern aspect. The existing living space will be converted to a fifth bedroom and the two smaller rooms will be expanded by adding additions.

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