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Buderim Home Renovation

Project scope

Buderim Home Renovation

This Buderim home renovation produced a stunning entertainment area for the owners of this acreage home. The owners requested that I design for them a contemporary outdoor room addition. The owners of this acreage home in Buderim were seeking an extension of their home that would provide for an indoor-outdoor living for the family. Additionally it needed to provide sufficient space for entertaining a large number of people.

Project details

Pavilion Design

The finished design that I provided to the Buderim owners captured the views to the distant water. And also the immediate views over the property which included a large swimming pool and tennis court. The pavilion design is almost a complete circle and provides plenty of space for large parties. The pavilion contains a full kitchen for entertainment purposes as well as family use. The kitchen opens up to the seating areas which can be closed off by bi-fold windows. This provides weather protection as well as privacy if needed. In designing the entertainment pavilion I chose building materials that we in accordance with a home on acreage. Thus, natural timber was the main building material with a lot of use made too of tin and steel. Within the finished pavilion, there is also storage and a complete bathroom which were part of the original design.

Interior architecture

Entertainment Pavilion Addition

The design is very different from the norm yet sits comfortably with the existing home, the garden and the wider fields and distant water views. As part of the renovation, we also provided detailed interior architecture designs for this client. The interior architectural elements reflect the unusual design of the pavilion and included both timber and steel. The rounded nature of the pavilion called for curved carpentry and interior curves to be used. These were used to complement the shape of the extension. The inter designs and architecture too were reflective of the rural nature of the property. The design utilised a substantial amount of timber, metal and tin. The entertainment area is now the main feature of the home and complements the existing house and garden. The design is also very practical. The circle design includes a kitchen and bathroom as well as plenty of living area for parties.

Timber was the main building material and blends well with the expansive surrounds, fields and trees and the garden. The addition was designed such that it would capture the immediate close views of the swimming pool and the tennis court as well as the wider district views. The design too ensured that the prevailing breezes were captured by the structure and an emphasis on natural light and airflow was a major part of the design. Ceiling fans were installed at regular intervals to help keep the space cool. Bi-fold shutters were included which provided protection from any wet or windy weather as well as blocking out the hot sun in summer.

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