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Bridgeman Downs Home Renovation

Architectural design

Bridgeman Downs Renovation

This Bridgeman Downs renovation design includes a new extension for retired parents to live separately yet connected to their family members. The main emphasis for this project was therefore to develop a living retreat for our client’s parents alongside their existing residence.

Importantly, the architectural style of the proposed retreat was built to match the aesthetic of the main house. This is because the main home was already built to the specifications and tastes of our client. And it is safe to say they simply loved the style of their home.

Our renovation did, however, introduce a handful of carefully selected modern elements to the extension design. This served as a starting point for future renovations to the main house. The new retreat is easily accessible from behind the existing garage. It also features a new security gate and intercom that can be viewed from the driveway.

To make the front doors of the existing home and the retreat visible, we created paths within the concrete driveway surface to guide people through the property to the entry of either dwelling. Once through the gate, a new level path with limited steps lead right up to the retreat’s front door. For convenience, an internal link was also established between the existing house and the retreat.

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The living space of the retreat boasts picturesque views of the lawn and bushland towards the back of the home. In addition to these invigorating views, large sliding doors open up the living area to truly give the space an outdoor feel. This feature not only optimises the space, lighting, and ventilation of the living area, but it also negates the need for a separate deck.

An access stair from the living space connects the retreat to the lawn area. In order to save space, we integrated a small separate laundry into the back of the existing garage. This allowed our client to integrate a workshop/garden store under the back of the retreat.

Large windows frame the main bedroom. And in a similar vein to the living area, this main bedroom overlooks the bushland towards the back of the house. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of natural light in this retreat. A second room in the retreat overlooks the entry path and into a courtyard garden. This space approximates the size of a second bedroom and was transformed into a study, spiritual and yoga space for our client. A bathroom and linen cupboard are also located between these two rooms.

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