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Ashgrove Renovation

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Ashgrove Renovation

The primary objective of this Ashgrove renovation was to give privacy to the interior of the home; the backyard and the pool from the rear neighbouring home’s upper bedroom level. We will create a low maintenance structure around the pool area to provide the privacy our clients desired. The structure will run the full length of the pool and will touch the ground lightly on the rear boundary or not at all with a cantilever arrangement possible. The structure will also incorporate a pitched section to match the pitch of the current home’s roof, also extending the full length of your pool. The pitched section will carry a number of solar panels.

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It was important that plenty of attention was given to the look of the structure’s pitched roof from the interior of the home. A poolside relaxation zone will be created by moving the pool fence for a small space beside the pool to house a lounge or couple of chairs. This will allow easy supervision of swimmers, as well as a nice place to sit and enjoy the pool privately. The pool structure will be linked back to the existing home with a pergola-like structure and the incorporation of landscaping to finish of the entire space.

With the changes at the rear of the Ashgrove renovation property, it’s important that this is then tied into the front streetscape of the home. Therefore, we will enhance the current streetscape with a new front fence and gate house, as well as improved landscaping throughout. This will give visiting family and friends and pleasant and private entry into the property with greater emphasis on the front door of the home. We will also look at reorganising the location of the front path and the front door to ensure the home is receiving light and shade to the front of the home.

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