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Alderley Worker’s Cottage Renovation

Architectural design

Alderley Worker’s Cottage Renovation

This Alderley Worker’s Cottage project aimed to improve the home’s liveability and street appeal. To achieve this, we added contemporary elements which complemented the traditional styling of the home.

Before our renovations, the Alderley Worker’s Cottage had little street appeal. For instance, the home was below road level, and the side verandah and gables added in the late 1940s were not well balanced. The home did not have any real significant impact on the street, nor did it take full advantage of its expansive frontage. As a result, we made it a priority to reorganise the post-1946 elements of the home and revived the front of it by incorporating a number of contemporary elements to the design. These changes were meticulously selected to modernise the property while still carefully maintaining its Queensland charm.

In addition, we created a new verandah at the front of the home, and an entry bridge from the street to access the front entry. A new driveway and a new front fence with a gatehouse add further streetscape improvements.

The new garage and storage area under the existing house provide cover for the family cars. Additionally, the second driveway with a carport offers more than enough space to accommodate our client’s sailing boats on the western side. We also reimagined the landscape by introducing a new thick screen of landscaping to the north-east corner of the property. By redefining the landscape in this way, we were able to privatise the new pool.

External back and western side yard

Behind the existing house, we built a new living and bedroom wing. This new pavilion-style construction blends effortlessly with the existing house and is sympathetic to the Worker’s Cottage home. Moreover, the lines of the home were also enhanced by the use of shades and screens, and the landscaping around the edges of the property was tailored to soften the fence line.

Soft Landscape (planting)

We recommended a low-maintenance sub-tropical garden to soften the home. Sub-tropical soft foliage plants will provide a nice contrast to the hard surfaces.
Traditional design

Retaining The Worker’s Cottage

First floor

This space was transformed into the main bedroom suite and the study. With classic art deco styling, this first-floor highlights feature bulkheads, battening to the ceiling, and feature lighting. In addition to these features, the new main bedroom receives good light and ventilation and overlooks the street and new pool. It also occupies the front of the Worker’s Cottage, with a modern ensuite and sizable wardrobe located on the western side.

We finished this area of renovations with a new study at the rear of the Worker’s Cottage.

The roof of the new verandah, in the front of the home, is also architecturally linked to the new deck space, attached to the rear wing of the home.

Ground floor

The ground floor of the existing Worker’s Cottage was renovated to include double garage storage and workshop space. A laundry room was also included in this area with access to a separate drying court and plenty of utility space.

Entry Bridge, Entry and Stair

The new entry bridge extends from the street level to the first floor of the home via a stairway.
This Alderley Worker’s Cottage renovation bridge and the stairway is tastefully screened off from the garden and the neighbouring home to ensure privacy for the residents.

The roof structure over the entry stairway was built in a similar contemporary style to that of the front veranda. This gives the house a cohesive aesthetic. Given the significant shift of living spaces in this project, the front door and entrance were moved to the top level of the home, where the main living and dining areas are located.

An internal stairway provides access from the garage to the upper level of the home. A bridge with glimpses into the garden will link the two entrances to the new south wing.

Contemporary features

New Southern Wing

The interior has a homely feel with built-in bookcases, a gas fireplace and feature built entertainment units. Moreover, the home features elegant contemporary art deco styling throughout and offers niches for feature pictures and sculptural pieces. Feature bulkheads in the ceiling also provide architectural interest and lighting solutions to the home.

First Floor

A cook’s kitchen overlooks the new deck. Shutters, with insect screens, line the perimeter of the deck to provide sun control and general usability of the deck all year round.

Behind this gorgeous new kitchen is the winter dining space. More specifically, this room can accommodate up to eight guests and hosts views to the south and south-west via a corner window.

A picture slot style window in the living area maximises views to the south-west. It also removes this space from the circulation routes of the rest of the home. Similarly, shutters or Venetian screening over this window block out the harsh western sun and heat when needed.

A small WC is located across the link bridge, next to the study for guest usage.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the home contains three bedrooms, with a bathroom and separate toilet located nearby. Also housed on this floor is a modern entertainment room overlooking the pool, which allows for easy supervision and entertaining.

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