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Project Planning Pack

Use this guide to move you through the research phase of planning for your renovation or new home build. Follow this plan and you will significantly reduce your project’s risk and improve it’s design.

You will get a summary sheet, building project roadmap, building cost estimator, frequently asked questions and should-ask questions, myth and reality, how to create a design brief using only 7 questions, and the readiness slider.

  • Moving Forward

    What we offer our clients is ultimately a comfortable lifestyle at home. We design a home clients can call home. We design a home clients can feel safe and secure. We design homes with a place for everything. We design spaces that work both inside and out. We design a home that looks great to come home to each day. We design a home filled with light and summer breeze but is equally warm in winter. We design a home that will add to your wealth both personally and financially.
    Please note that we do not make or receive calls from 6pm Friday through to 7am Monday.
  • The more we are told about what people like yourself are looking to do, how they want to go about things, major drivers, timing, thoughts on what they think they need to spend and general likes or dislikes; the better our educational resources can be and the better our initial personalised feedback and comments to you, when we get the chance to speak, can be. We are always happy to help people and guide people to achieve better outcomes for their architectural, interior design or landscape design project.
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