Apartments & Townhouses

Apartments and townhouse design is a science. A balance between creating memorable architecture and beautifully liveable homes whilst cutting out unnecessary expenditure and wastage. It is a science that we excel at.


Over 50s & Retirement

The key to architecture for Over 50s and retirement villages is creating warm, safe spaces that are comfortable and practical whilst reducing costs. Through planning and design we create beautiful accommodation at lower costs.


Resort & Leisure

As a resort architect we understand the importance of return on investment. From the architecture to the landscaping, attention to detail and creating designs that suit the target market are the keys to successful resort designs.

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How To Engage An Architect

You may be wondering: how do I find the right architect for my project? Do I really need to engage an architect? How much are architects fees? What about builders? And most importantly: what are the key, critical steps I need to take to ensure that I engage the architect that is the perfect match for my project? You will discover the answers to these questions – and more.

Project Planning Pack For Your Multi-Residential Project

On a daily basis, we see people moving projects into the design phase before the research is started. This is like a doctor starting surgery without a thorough diagnosis or trying to build on a bad foundation. That is why we created the Rapid Project Planning Pack. Now you have a simple process to help you move through the Research Phase.

How To Keep Your Multi-Residential Project Under Budget

Most clients that come to see me have the same question consistently on their mind – “How much will the project cost?”. This guide will assist those struggling to work out their project budgets so that they can achieve a multi-residential project without breaking the bank.

Multi Residential & End User Design

Creating the perfect solutions for multi residential and end user developments involves working around your desired architectural style, community interests and lifestyle.

From small residential apartment and townhouse complexes to holiday apartments and luxury resorts, our experience speaks for itself. View our projects to see some of the multi residential and end user designs we have completed around Brisbane.

Samples of our work

Multi Residential & End User Design


Proposed Coolangatta Multi-Residential Development

Multi-Residential & End User Design, Landscape Design

This Carina Heights new luxury home design was intended to serve both the current and future generations of the family by being flexible enough to meet their ever-changing needs and to stand the test of time in terms of both functionality and style. This environmentally responsible and technologically advanced home..

Samples of our work

Multi Residential & End User Design


Annerley Apartments

Multi-Residential & End User Design, Landscape Design

Annerley Apartments. A set of six local apartments.

Samples of our work

Multi Residential & End User Design


Morningside Apartments

Multi-Residential & End User Design, Landscape Design

Morningside Apartments Architecture. A set of seven apartments.

Samples of our work

Multi Residential & End User Design


Yeronga Apartments

Multi-Residential & End User Design

New multi-residential building in Yeronga with 8 apartments.

Samples of our work

Multi Residential & End User Design


Hawthorne Apartments

Multi-Residential & End User Design

This Hawthorne townhouses project included the design and construction of three modern townhouses on the rear of a large block of land.

Design Solutions

Crafting Multi Residential Developments

Over the years we have worked as multi-residential architects in Brisbane we have created some truly memorable projects. Our skill set covers everything from boutique apartment and townhouse developments through to retirement villages, resorts and leisure centres. Unlike other architects we offer services that include both architecture and landscape design. We specialise in efficient design, reducing unnecessary floor area to keep costs down without compromising on liveability or functionality thanks to our ability to utilise space. Our focus is on creating a high end outcome that appeals to end users and investors alike.


Holistic design

Our services are somewhat unique in the field of multi residential architecture in that we not only offer stunning architectural design services, but we compliment those with interior design and landscape design services as well. You see, we understand the importance of viewing the project as a whole, to ensure that all spaces work together both visually and functionally.



Whether undertaking a new building project or renovation of an existing apartment block, at dion seminara architecture, we have the skills to help you bring out the best in every property. We have experience in not only architectural design but also building industry knowledge and project management capabilities. We can help you navigate multi residential development from feasibility through to design, approval, tendering and project management.


Return on investment

Innovative architectural multi residential & end user projects create excellent opportunities for significant returns. Our ability to maximise densities, reduce floor area and cut costs whilst still delivering a highly liveable project outcome is just part of what allows us to offer you great returns on your investment. Our building background helps us create designs that are efficient to build without compromising on the end result.


Diversity of experience

The key to any successful architecture project is to fully understand the needs of the customer. When it comes to multi residential projects the customers are both the developers/investors and then end users themselves. Our wealth of diverse architectural design experience – from luxury residential through to multi residential – enables us to offer creative solutions that both save money and enhance the liveability of the spaces that we create.


Customer service

When you engage dion seminara architecture you have a wealth of services at your fingertips. We not only specialise in multi residential architecture, we also offer interior design and landscape design services as well. But more importantly, we can also have a great understanding of town planning regulations, enabling us to help you navigate the path to project approval. All of this is provided within a customer first environment to ensure your complete satisfaction.


The finer details

One of the biggest problems in any form of building or project design is a lack of detail. It results in costly blowouts both in terms of time and money. Which is why our design process is so highly detailed. Nothing is left to interpretation. Material and building specifications are explained in detail resulting in a project that runs more smoothly and an outcome that works for the end user.

The difference

Client focus

We specialise in boutique developments on unique sites, providing a personalised level of guidance and service.

Stay informed and be involved

We understand how important this project is to you, which is why we always go out of our way to understand your requirements and deliver an outstanding result that you’re happy with. Throughout the design and development process, we always remain transparent and encourage your input in the project to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result.

Functional, practical and outstanding designs

You can’t beat the professionalism, quality and intuitive knowledge a multi residential architect provides. At dion seminara architecture, we always consider the interaction between external and internal spaces when developing a multi residential design, in order to make the most of the available site.

Full suite of services

We are very supportive of the commitment required to get projects like new apartments, villas and townhouses off the ground. To harness the full raft of knowledge and experience dion seminara architecture has to offer, take advantage of our full suite of architectural services including building design, interior design and landscape design.


Architecture is more than just a profession to us. It is a commitment to artistry and craftsmanship, and a passion for creativity and customer service.

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