This Carina Heights home renovation included contemporary additions to a brick home, including new entry, deck & entertaining areas.

Design brief

1980s House

The concept revolved around a desire to capture the views, ensure spaces are as open as possible without limiting the practicality of each space. Also linking internal areas to the external poolside area was a priority for the homeowners. A new deck area at the front of the home was also designed to increase the living space of the home, connecting with the renovated kitchen area. The deck also improves the streetscape appearance of the home. The resulting renovation has updated the brick home with a contemporary look and feel. The Kitchen has been designed to feel bright and airy with access to natural light through the skylights and natural ventilation, achieved by opening the front of the home and building the deck.

Main Points in the design brief included

1. Adding a deck with roof and carport to the front of the house.

2. Maximising the outlook wherever possible to ensure all planning provides open spaces.

3. Allowing undercover parking for three vehicles.

4. Relocating the entry.

5. The possibility of relocating the kitchen or opening it out to the front of the house, with lots of storage and drawers.

6. Improving the connection to the pool area from the main living area.

7. The removal of all Amplimesh screens and replacing these with Crimsafe type screens.

8. Modifying the outdoor roof structure to limit heat entry but not limit light entry into the house.

Suburb history

Carina Heights Architecture

In 1863 the local residents were mainly involved with timber and sugar cane. Most developments in the Carina area occurred post World War II when there were many housing commission and war service homes.

Today Carina Heights Architecture varies from Queenslanders on large blocks to workers cottages and luxury new townhouses. Carina Heights is approx 7.5 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD.

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