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Project Planning Pack

For Your Future Long Term Home

If you’re thinking of starting a building project you’ve likely thought about what exactly is needed for your new project. We’ve created this planning pack with checklists, tips and information for your building project.

7 Mistakes to Avoid

When Renovating Your 7+ Year Home

Planning on renovating your home? Download 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating to avoid common mistakes and understand what’s involved.

Buying Your Forever Home?

Key Pre-Purchase Design Must Haves

The Pre-Purchase Review Pack is for those looking to purchase a new home or land and wish to move through the research phase faster.

11 Must Haves When Designing

Your Upmarket & Luxury Residence

This guide will help you find the perfect combination of comfortable, accommodating and magnificent when planning your luxury property.

The 7 Most Popular

Interior Styles in Australia Today

There are many different ‘styles’ when it comes to interior design. In this guide, we focus on the seven most popular interior styles, how to achieve them and things to avoid.

How To Engage

An Architect

This guide will help you learn how to engage an architect and answer some questions you may have such as; How much are architects’ fees? What about builders? What are the key, critical steps I need to take?

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