Why should you engage a specialist home design architect for your home design?

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Why should you engage a specialist home design architect for your home design?

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Do you understand the difference between building designers and specialist home design architects?

It’s ok to admit if you don’t. On the surface, both can appear to do the same sort of work. However, while it may appear that way, the reality is very different.

Education and qualifications

To become an architect a person has to have undertaken a minimum five-year higher education program in architecture. Once complete, they will have an accredited Master of Architecture qualification.

However, that doesn’t mean that they can register as an architect. They will also need to work in the industry for a minimum of two years and pass the detailed Architectural Practice Examination before they can become a registered architect.

Compare this to a building designer who may have a one, two, or three-year TAFE Diploma course to design and construct peoples’ homes!

It’s what you don’t know that costs you

Choosing the wrong person to design your home can turn into a complete disaster. Your home can become unattractive and dysfunctional that’s painful to live in and offers poor resale value. If all you’re looking at are saving a handful of dollars on the design, then you really aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Pouring good construction dollars into a bad design is a recipe for disaster. Remember, it’s you who is going to have to live with the outcome.

What is important when choosing someone to design your home?

We are more than just architects. We are home design specialists, with over 30 years of design skills and a wealth of experience.

When you engage us to create your home design we start by really understanding you, your lifestyle, your current needs, what you’re likely to need in the future, and your overall budget.

Your design will also suit your specific environmental factors. Passive design principles will create a bright, well-ventilated home that doesn’t require excessive use of air-conditioners.

Your home will be a bespoke design, created specifically for your needs on your block of land and designed around any constraints be they regulatory, budgetary, or environmental.

We can design a home tailored to your block of land as well as your important, individual needs to create your ultimate dream home.

True design experience working for you

When we create a design it’s more than simply lines on a page. We visualise, in great detail, the spaces in 3D and their relationship to the spaces around them. How should they connect? How will people move through these spaces? What furniture will they need to accommodate? How does each space need to function on its own and in relation to the home as a whole?

Multi-award-winning Toowong Queenslander renovation – We show you through 3D walkthroughs and renders how your home will look, feel and connect so you can make changes before building commences.

These questions can only be answered through years of experience on top of exceptional design talent. What may appear a simple change in one space can adversely impact another. As home design specialists, we consider the part while being mindful of the whole.

Building designers and draftsmen often simply create exactly what you ask them to create and offer little to no design input. Something I hear often from clients is “I know what I want.” If you have architectural and design experience, sure, but what if you don’t? Through my Pre-Purchase Design Advice service, I see a lot of homes out there that are poorly designed and fail to work for real people. Roughly 5% of housing in Australia has actually been designed by architects, and even less designed by specialists

If you have the design experience to fix this, then maybe all you need is a building designer or draftsperson. But if you don’t? You risk making costly mistakes, or even worse, ending up with a home that doesn’t work for you, and doesn’t meet your expectations.

We will challenge what you think needs to be done, offering suggestions and advice to get you an outcome that is often well beyond your expectations, feels perfectly comfortable, and looks beautiful too.

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Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation – Architecturally designed indoor and outdoor spaces providing ultimate air flow, natural light and comfort for all

Don’t risk a bad design

A bad design has serious impacts on your lifestyle, can add stress to relationships, and can adversely impact resale value. A cheap design can dramatically devalue your home.

It’s a trap that plenty of people fall into, stepping over dollars to save pennies.

Your home will be one of your most significant financial investments. Don’t risk a poor outcome by having it designed by the cheapest bidder.

If you’re in the market for quality home design and project-managed designed services, then contact us today and let us show you what qualifications, experience, and design skills we can bring to your project.

Contact us today to see how we can generate the very best outcome for your new home or renovation.

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