Why hire a Brisbane residential architect?

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Why hire a Brisbane residential architect?

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If you are currently building or renovating a new home in Brisbane you may have asked the question, “Should I hire an architect?”. Building or renovating a new Brisbane home can commonly be an unexpected overwhelming thought to many. Too many people become overwhelmed by the rules, regulations and restrictions that can come their way during a build. Due to so many properties in Brisbane having their own unique requirements the building process is not as simple as following a set of clearly labelled steps.

Why hire a Brisbane residential architect?

So how can hiring a Brisbane architect relieve you of these pains and help turn your project dreams into a reality? The goal for many Brisbane residential architects is to help their clients through their design uncertainties. Architects have the ability to help guide you through your entire design and building process, and have the right training and high expertise to help you get the most out of your project.

Renovation Design Red Hill: This Brisbane renovation project created the perfect juxtaposition of modern design and a traditional colonial home. With a family that needed more space and a home that needed light and airflow; our clients now have a place that provides them with comfortable living and a gorgeous view every day.

What do residential architects do?

It may sound simple but it is important to first understand what residential architects actually do before you ask the question, do we need an architect? Many people have the misconception that residential architects only create a standard set of design concept plans but this could not be further from the truth.

As Brisbane architects, we deliver to our client’s way more than four walls and a roof. A residential architects role is open ended and can include a variety of services.  For example, dion seminara architecture can provide pre-purchase site advice, design advice before putting pen to paper, full architectural design meaning concepts, concept revisions, design development, application approvals, project management, construction document, tenders services and contract administration of your builder through the build as well as interior design, landscape design, costing or construction management. Whether you are renovating or starting your project from the ground up, a residential architect can guide you through a variety of different services.

Residential architects make your problems possible

When it comes to clients beginning their project, we see many creating an extensive list of wants and needs for their residential build or renovation, however when it comes to incorporating these wants and needs into a design there are many factors that can restrict people from turning their design into a reality. Brisbane homeowners often want to rush into the building process without prior understanding of the rules and regulations of their house or property. This can lead to issues months down the track which could have been avoided earlier if they worked with trained professionals like us. Issues that possibly could have been avoided if originally consulted with a Brisbane architecture professional.

Residential architects are trained to solve your problems in creative ways, and deliver you the results you want even if sometimes they seem impossible. With an in depth understanding of construction and design, allows architects to provide you with solutions and alternatives many individuals or builders would not be able to come up with on their own. Architects can show you ways to design spaces for all stages of life including for growing families or retiring couples, while maintaining a cost-effective budget.

Greenslopes Queenslander Renovation – With a growing family, Andrew and Margaret’s original home did not meet the needs of their bustling lifestyle. With an improved layout, connections and open spaces, this Queenslander served our clients a treat for 17 years post our renovation work.

Residential architects will save you money

One of the top reasons we would recommend hiring a residential architect, is the savings clients make on costs. Way too many people believe architects are too expensive and not worth the investment, but we believe that could not be further from the truth. To help you understand why we believe this, let us explain why.

It is common for client’s design ideas to evolve during their design or building process which can often lead to expensive alterations if construction is already underway. The type of architects we are referring to in this article will work on designing your project with you, delivering clear and well-conceived drawings that make it easier for clients to identify areas they want to change if that is actually needed at all. Using a registered architect will ensure your project is built efficiently and economically. At dion seminara architecture, we spend more time on research so that your project will flow smoothly during the rest of the process.

Another way residential architects can save you money is by designing energy-efficient homes that will save you money on electrical bills. During our hot Australian summers, I think we all have been guilty of seeing a spike in our electricity bills from blasting our air cons. Engaging with a Brisbane residential architect like us can help reduce bills like these by designing spaces that maximize airflow, reduce heat from the sun and let more natural light in.

Sustainable & Passive Designed New Home: This sustainable Brisbane home design utilized numerous passive house features including Functional Characteristics, Space use efficiency, Energy efficiency, Client Lifestyle accommodation and Coordination with the land. All of these feature combined created a long-lasting, economic and environmental benefits for the client.

A question we hear from many homeowners is what are the best ways to save money during a renovation or new home build? A Brisbane residential architect can help you stay budget conscious and assist in making smart decisions during the design phase including the size, spaces and finishes you want to include in your build. They can develop drawings and specifications to help you get bids for a fair price during construction that are based on all of your specific requirements.

Residential architects will make you money

Just like architects can save you money, architects can also make you money! The value of a well-designed home is far greater than an average home and increases over time. A residential Brisbane architects will spend time in ensuring your home has all the perfect features, spaces and aesthetics that will increase your home’s value in the eyes of future prospective home buyers, resulting in you gaining the ultimate return.

Residential architects will make your life easier

We understand that the building process can be an unpleasant and messy route at times, however what if we told you that this doesn’t have to be the case? Brisbane residential architects want to look out for your best interest and aim at ensuring the building process will go as smoothly as possible for you.

If your project involves building or engineering services, we can put out a tender so you know you are getting the best price and the best team committed to delivering your design. Some architects, including us, also will go as far as to offer project management so we can coordinate and overlook your project so you don’t have to bare the weight of having to. This includes construction site visits to help verify that the project is being built accordingly to the plans and requirements.

Brisbane Architecture Project

Custom Hamptons Style New Home Design: Our past clients wanted to escape city life and desired an authentic country retreat to share with family and friends throughout their early retirement years. The design of the new residence extends the warmth of the older buildings and celebrates the very best of modern conveniences.

Finding the right Brisbane residential architect for you

Okay, so now that you know how beneficial registered architects are, I’m sure your next thought is about where to start to find one?

Just like no two building designs are the same, no two architects in Brisbane are the same. Every Brisbane residential architect has their own unique set of specialties, approaches and personalised style. If you have worked with an architect before then you will know what you liked or disliked about your experience, if you haven’t engaged with an architect it makes sense to do some research beforehand.

The first step to take before researching residential architects is identifying what you want and need out of your project. Whether its expanding your space, improving liveability, finding a location or working out a budget, the more information you cover the more architect’s like us can help in understanding your goals and motivations.

After you have identified a list of goals for your project, begin some research and noting down potential Brisbane architects who may specialise or have experience in the designs you are looking for. You can find this information via Google, community pages, friends, family or the local AIA (Australian Institute of Architects).

Brisbane architecture happy clients

Once you have a collated list of prospective Brisbane architects reach out and give them a call, describing your residential project and whether or not their architectural design services are the right fit for you.

A good place to start when talking to a residential Brisbane architect is asking about their pre-design services. A medical professional wouldn’t perform an operation on a patient without a proper diagnosis; pre-design services work in the same way. The reason we always suggest to clients to begin their architectural design process with an initial design consultation, such as our Design Advice Service, is to reduce the risk of changes being required further along in the design process by removing all assumptions and having a clear mutual direction with your residential architect. At dion seminara architecture our Design Advice Service is where we investigate your residential projects needs and consider design solutions to cater for current and future lifestyle choices.

Ultimately when it comes to choosing a Brisbane architect, choose whom you trust and feel like would deliver the best result for your residential project. Unlike a physical product, you cannot see the result before you buy. You will know when you have found the right architect for you based on how well they ensure you that their technical skills, experience and expertise will help in delivering you your dream Brisbane home.

dion seminara the architect

A Brisbane residential architect is just a phone call away

So you might be left thinking where do I begin to start? Well why don’t you start by looking here.

At dion seminara architecture we’re Brisbane residential architects and experts at designing the best of Brisbane homes. Our homes take into account not just the rooms and space you need, but how you intend to live in them, to ensure you get a home that works well for you and your lifestyle.

If you are currently looking for the perfect architect for your current or new project, why not give us a call and discover how one of Brisbane’s leading custom home and renovation designers can bring your dream to life.

Contact us today and let us help create your perfect home design


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